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While rebutting another post here on Lemmy, I ran into this. This says exactly what I want to say.

I am not a friend of Biden's Administration. I think they drug their feet over a variety of things ranging from holding Trump and his goons accountable for January 6th through rulemaking on issues like OTC Birth Control and abortion rights, and yes, I think he's too quick to please big business. But then I remember what the alternative is, and ... well, disappointed in Biden or not, I'm voting for him. Because my wife is a Black bisexual goth woman, four strikes under Team Pepe's tent. And I have my own strikes for marrying her as a White dude, and respecting her right to not have kids since she doesn't want them is another strike against me. And I care about my Non-Christian, Gay, Transgender, and Minority friends, and will never willingly subject them to Team Pepe.

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[-] kescusay 96 points 1 month ago

On nearly every single issue, not only is he "better than Trump," he's actually good. On the environment? Actual progress in the form of a massive infrastructure bill that invests in green energy sources and tamping down on pollution. On education? He's made student loan forgiveness a central tenet of his policy agenda. On the economy? He's gotten inflation under control and the economy is actually doing great now.

The elephant in the room is Israel and Palestine, of course, but I wish people would pause and think before knee-jerk reacting to... not even his policies there, just headlines about his policies.

The fact of the matter is that the Middle East is a fucking mess and Israel is currently run by a government hell-bent on making it ten times worse, but Israel actually falling and the conflict overtaking the entire region would be a global catastrophe. Biden is doing what he can to pressure Netanyahu over the insane and genocidal treatment of Palestinians while not giving Iran and others the sense that they have free rein to invade. (And for FUCK'S sake, can we stop pretending Iran is suddenly the good guys? They're supplying arms to Russia.)

This is a nuanced, complex, and fragile situation, and like it or not, Biden is exactly the right kind of person for the presidency at a time like this. Not only that, Trump would make it ten thousand times worse on purpose, because it would please Putin to see Russia's influence in the Middle East overtake that of the United States.

There is literally only one sane choice on the ballot this year.

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago

So obviously I don't want to see the massacre of the Israelis any more than the Palestinians, but if "Israel fell" why would the conflict overtake the whole region? Israel's existence, and constant poking of the hornets nests, is the catalyst for instability in the region. If it went away, wouldn't there be relative peace over there? I'm not advocating for it... Just a thought experiment.

[-] kescusay 0 points 1 month ago

A couple of reasons...

First, because any such fall would be slooooooooow. Israel wouldn't fall quickly, it would take a long time and would be absolutely catastrophic for everyone on all sides of the conflict, because they would take a lot of Iran and others with them.

Second, because it would reduce western, secular influence in the region considerably, while massively increasing Russia's influence. Russia doesn't give a shit about stability and quality of life in the region, they just want vassal states from which to work to expand. Russia doesn't think any country that isn't Russia should exist, especially near them.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 month ago

Western influence in the region has been a curse on the Middle East, and most other places for that matter.

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