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Let's just say for a moment you're right and Democrats increase harm. Sure, they take Korporate Kampaign Kash (the other KKK), and are always about the donor class, and we can sure hit them on this. They're feckless, always finding reasons we couldn't POSSIBLY do Left-Wing priorities, and yeah, I'm pissed about how many times Manchin Lucy-Yanked the football on us this last term. They'd rather please the donor class than us, because, well, frankly, I can't pay for an all-expenses paid junket to exotic places with exotic food and exotic people quite the same way as Mr. Gates and Mr. Dimon and Mr. Bezos and Mr. Musk can. It pisses me off that I have to sit so far back on the table while all the big names get to wine and dine President Biden and the Democratic Party, while I get a few scraps from the table.

We'll ignore the fact that the scraps I have gotten have finally made it so I can quit schooling and realistically pay my Student Loans now that it's capped to 5% of your disposable income, and that I only have to pay that for 10 years rather than 25 or more because of PSLF. We'll ignore the fact that I got quick and free access to a vaccine that ended COVID as a threat to me, and that I am able to work from home because my (Democratic) governor said 'we're out of the business of commercial real-estate. Everyone, your home is your office now.' Between the vaccine and the not having to crowd on public transit with people who are frankly nasty, I haven't gotten sick more often than once a year. But hey, the Dems increase harm according to you, so let's go with that. Why trust my lying eyes eh?

OK. The Democrats are the equivalent of slow-driving a car towards a cliff. The Republicans? They have a plan for what they want to do. What does it include?

  • Fire Federal employees who refuse to implement Trump's conservative manifesto for the USA.
  • End FBI attempts to police misinformation (oh, sorry, "Speech").
  • Ban abortion pills federally.
  • Enforce Comstock Act to ban the mailing of abortion pills.
  • Exclude abortion coverage from Medicade
  • Ban unfriendly news media from the White House press pool.
  • Enforce unitary executive theory practices.
  • Schedule F - Replace tens of thousands of career bureaucrats with hand-picked conservative plants, which will require a similar overreach by the next Democrat, assuming we are allowed to pick one as POTUS, to undo.
  • Reverse liberal policies.
  • Removing references to abortions.
  • Defunding clinics that provide abortion services
  • Defund Dept of Justice and FBI
  • Target Political foes and unfriendly media orgs.
  • Restrict LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Rollback of climate policies.
  • Force Conservative policies on us
  • "Family Values"
  • "Christian Values"
  • "Traditional Gender Roles"

So, when I say the Democrats are slow-driving the car towards the cliff, if you let the Republicans behind the wheel, they're gonna stomp on the gas as hard as they can, and they're gonna rocket that sucker off the edge.

It may suck to you having to make this choice, but it's what America offers. There are no other options in the USA thanks to our antiquated system of electing representatives. Pick the slow choice, or the fast choice will rocket you and everyone else off right...fucking...now.

PS: in case it's not clear, I disagree with the heart of your argument, but for the sake of pointing out that even under your own assumptions, it's better to vote D than R, I entertained it long enough to explain why you're a fucking moron for pushing not to vote for Dems.

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An interesting thought exercise. What if Ontario used Proportional Representation. Ford would have gotten 76 seats, but he'd have seen an Ontario Parliament that was 187 or 188 seats. Of these:

  • The NDP would have gotten another 22 seats, in addition to their 40 won seats, for 62 total seats.
  • The Liberals would have gotten another 29 seats, in addition to their 7 won seats, for 36 total seats.
  • The Greens would have gotten 7 additional seats, plus their 1 won seat, for a total of 8 seats.
  • 5 seats would have to be allocated between the NDP, Liberals, and Greens since the Progressive Conservatives shouldn't be entitled to more than 40.5% of the seats as they got 40.5% of the vote.

We'd have to amend the US constitution to make this happen here, but I think you guys could just do it with a law there. But this is what ifs and coulda-bens. The as-is shows clearly why we don't want to import your political system here. Democrats would never win an election again if we split our votes like Ontarians split theirs...

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Your election system allowed Doug Ford to win the Premiership of Ontario with 2.3 million votes, despite the NDP winning 1.9 million votes and the Liberal party winning 1.1 million votes. In fact, Ford won Ontario with a net margin of victory of -991,722 votes. That is to say, he lost the popular vote by almost a million votes, and still win the majority of seats. Here's a few highlights

8 ridings went for the Progressive Conservatives in a margin narrower than 1000. These are:

  • Ottawa West - Nepean (175 MoV, 16.4k NDP, 14.8k Lib)
  • Brantford - Brant (635 MoV, 23.8k NDP, 5.6k Lib)
  • Brampton West (490 MoV, 14.5k NDP, 7.0k Lib)
  • Sault Ste. Marie (414 MoV, 13.1k NDP, 3.2k Lib)
  • Kitchener-Conestoga (686 MoV, 16.3 NDP, 6.0k Lib)
  • Kitchener South - Hespeler (770 MoV, 15.7k NDP, 6.3k Lib)
  • Eglinton-Lawrence (957 MoV, 9.0k NDP, 19.0k Lib)
  • Scarborough-Rouge Park (963 MoV, 15.3k NDP, 8.8k Lib)

Had less than 1000 people in each of these ridings from the smaller left wing party given their votes to the larger left-wing party, 8 seats would have been taken from the Progressive Conservatives (leaving them with 68 seats), and the NDP would have gained 7 seats (47) and the Libs would have gained 1 (going up to 8).

This is the same for another 23 ridings, but with a larger margin of victory. These ridings were nevertheless won by fewer votes than were sent to the smaller left-wing party. If we subtract these 23 seats, the PCs would have been down to 45 seats, enough for the NDP to have more seats before we allocate these 23 seats between the Libs, NDP, and Greens.

I like a lot of things about Canada, but I don't like this fact about your country, and I don't want it imported into the United States. Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania went to Trump in 2016 not because more people voted for Trump's policies than against them, but because enough people bought the bullshit that Clinton was corrupt and no better than Trump and voted third party or stayed home. Had the Stein voters used a bit of common sense and rethought their votes, we could have avoided 4 years of utter shitshow here. Canadian politics won't help us here. All we need to do is look at your province of Ontario and see that clear as day.

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No. They won't. The United States has always had a taste for authoritarianism. There's a burning desire for people that serve in these not so United States, and everyone thinks that they deserve to be served and don't give two shits about their fellow Americans. It isn't stupidity that guides these people. It's assholery, and the desire to lord it over other people. Don't ascribe to incompetence what should be ascribed properly to malice where MAGA is concerned.

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And it's a joke that has been played on Americans since forever. There's a way out of it, but it's not easy, and you better bet your ass that BOTH parties will fight to keep the status quo. If you want change, you need to do the following things.

  1. Vote for Biden because if Trump wins, he has plans to take over.
  2. Push immediately after the election for Ranked Choice Voting.
  3. Unless and until 2 is achieved, get your guys and gals running as Democrats and vote for them in the Primaries, then vote for the Republican in the general. The GQP showed how well that works as Team Pepe is getting exactly what they want.
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It is. Really, it is. Just look at what Trump did to everything you supposedly care about from 2017 through 2020. I said in 2020 that had we elected Hillary Clinton POTUS, we'd at least not have backslid as hard as we did from 2017 to 2020. But people had to express their displeasure at Hillary, and stayed home or voted Third Party, and from 2017 until 2020, they got what they voted for, hard, without lube.

It's the same thing now in 2024. Biden HAS made concrete gains in areas I'm interested in, ranging from investing in green energy, pushing for domestic chip production, and standing up for minority rights in all areas. Trump plans on reversing all of that and then some with his Project 2025. Stay home and get Project 2025.

[-] jhymesba 10 points 1 day ago

Got called out for your bullshit here, I see. Biden is spreading it around, as other posters have said, touring this massive country of 300+ million fucking people as best as one man possibly can. And while I'm not thrilled with everything he's done, I'm still voting for him. Why? Because it's the best thing to do. I should do it. And so should you. Fuck off with the bullshit already. November is a choice between two visions for America. One gets us in line with other countries by reining in Student Loan payments, improving our infrastructure, and generally making progress fast enough to affect us in this lifetime, while not giving the Right extra motivation to go hate-vote our guys and gals out, and the Centre more motivation to stay home, vote third party, or even join the Right in voting our guys and gals out. The other...is fucking Project 2025. Go look that shit up if you don't know about it. Apparently 2/3rds of the country doesn't realise how much of a threat it really is.

[-] jhymesba 41 points 1 day ago

What makes you think anyone is upset? Ridicule comes not from people being upset about something, but thinking that this is the dumbest thing they've seen in quite a while. Getting ridicule should tell you you need to be a bit more introspective about what you're doing. And since this is Trump we're talking about here, we know that shithead isn't going to be introspective about anything, so we just point out the irony that Trump claims he has "very strong support, so very strong" with the Black community, but can't seem to find a single Black person to put in his photos of the event.

[-] jhymesba 1 points 1 day ago

One of the two will be President in 2025. And I just don't buy the 'Biden is slow because he's older.' In fact, I'm not voting against Trump exclusively. I am actually voting for Biden, and that link is why you should as well.

[-] jhymesba 1 points 1 day ago

I'm going to make it my business in life to respond to every one of these "but Biden is worse" comments with something I wrote up that I call: I am voting for Biden and this is why you should too...

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Or as I like to put it: He could be in bed with a live boy, a dead girl, a half-eaten puppy, a half-eaten kitten, and then take a massive diarrhoea dump in the middle of the bed on live TV, and his supporters would still support him.

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Thank you for saying this.

Team Red put in serious effort to drag this country hard right. They can taste victory in the air and have YUGE plans for remaking this country into the Authoritarian Right-Wing Dictatorship they've been craving since Bush's years. Fuck 50 years of Republican rule. They want a Permanent Republican Majority (for at LEAST 20 years), and they'll tear down Democracy (because that has to have something to do with Democrats, am I right) to get it.

If the Right functioned like the Left did, the Republicans would be locked out of the political system at the first hint of adversity. But they didn't, because the Right-Wing Shitheads' answer to RINOs was to organise and work to push them out of office in favour of hard-right ideologues. Vote for the Conservative in the Primary and the Republican in the General. That's their motto.

Right-Wing Shitheads win when people like go_go_gadget convince our voters they should sit home because they didn't get exactly what they want. It's all hands on deck to stop a naked Fascist takeover of the country, and we need to be calling the idiots on our side out whenever they push these memes that the best answer to feckless politicians on our side is to take your ball and go home.

To all of you saying stay home or vote third party, this is exactly how the country keeps shifting Right.

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While rebutting another post here on Lemmy, I ran into this. This says exactly what I want to say.

I am not a friend of Biden's Administration. I think they drug their feet over a variety of things ranging from holding Trump and his goons accountable for January 6th through rulemaking on issues like OTC Birth Control and abortion rights, and yes, I think he's too quick to please big business. But then I remember what the alternative is, and ... well, disappointed in Biden or not, I'm voting for him. Because my wife is a Black bisexual goth woman, four strikes under Team Pepe's tent. And I have my own strikes for marrying her as a White dude, and respecting her right to not have kids since she doesn't want them is another strike against me. And I care about my Non-Christian, Gay, Transgender, and Minority friends, and will never willingly subject them to Team Pepe.

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Saw this today, and ... well, I'm not going to be so forgiving to people suggesting to vote Third Party rather than vote for Biden. If Trump wants me to do something, and you want me to do that same something, that tells me you're aligned with Trump.

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So, my thought here is that I really feel like this should be leading the effort to get Joe Biden returned to office in 2025. This shit really does scare me -- how efficiently the GOP has planned to do this shit, and how abjectly bad the Democrats are at bringing this up. Maybe it's because I'm not a political campaign runner and there's something I'm missing, but man, it feels like this would be IMPORTANT to get in front of the voters? What are your guyses' thoughts on this topic?

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Feel free to list some games you're running right now. I'll get it started.

My game is set in the Palladium Megaverse, specifically the space opera setting of Phase World (the Three Galaxies). The heroes beat all 10 stages of the Labyrinth, and are now celebrities. The big question is what to do next? There's a war building up over finding the Mythical Cosmic Forge, the item that supposedly built the entire Three Galaxies and represents the legacy of the First, a race of beings viewed as almost godlike in the setting...a setting that features honest to goodness gods like Isis or Hestia. And there's also talk about a nasty demon on demon war possibly shaping up!

The heroes are setting up shop on a planet recently converted from a hostile ocean world to a full on Garden Planet by the Hyrill Stellar Corporation, an old fixture in the setting with a long history of terraforming planets. Some of them, such as the afore-mentioned Isis, are happy to settle down and get comfortable, while others, such as LeRay the Wizard from another dimension (and game system entirely!) are ready to go kick ass and chew bubblegum, and they're fresh out of bubblegum.

Welcome to GURPS on Lemmy (self.gurps_unofficial)
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Hi, everyone. I didn't see any GURPS communities, so I thought I'd start one. Feel free to start posting about GURPS here.

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