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Don’t worry about intellectual work that’s the best job to support your family today, you’re now free to toil in the fields doing jobs we give migrants for minimum wage plus board in shitty shared bunk houses!

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[-] [email protected] 5 points 2 months ago

I am unironically building myself a woodshop so I can retire from tech into a life of making real tangible objects, with no JIRA tickets, no kanban boards, and no stand-ups.

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My plan is to raise pigs. Because I've raised them before and they're so much easier to deal with than users.

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Wilbur, did you email the CEO directly to complain that you lost all your progress when you were using the search bar as a notepad, and now you've lost a days work and need us to recover it?

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The neat part is when they get too annoying you can kill and eat them.

My supervisors discouraged this sort of thing with users.

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My plan is to use my technical know-how to build stuff that actually matters (which is all very subjective).

It is my opinion that it's a shame for capitalist societies that people spend a lifetime building strong skills in something to throw them all away on the first occasion.

I so so wish people with a strong VFX expertise here in Canada would be able to keep doing excellent VFX work instead of going for mediocre middle-manager careers because it's the only way they can ever hope to live a life worth living.

But I respect folks for whom software engineering is just a way to earn a living. All the power to you guys. We desperately need you anyway, even if it's not a lifelong commitment.

... On another note, though, I can tell you that I will gladly throw away my Jira skills as soon as I can.

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Factories are hiring for $21+ an hour for basic work, inside, usually climate controlled. Also my health insurance is $25/mo with good coverage and includes a free gym membership. Where I live you can buy a decent house for $100k - $200k. Line mechanics make $60k-$80k with basic knowledge of how a PLC works. Management is going to get dropped for ai, fuck those guys.

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