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A few years back, I had to compile a kernel with random patches to get the trackpad running on my razer blade (2018) working.

When it works, it's magic. I got better power usage using powertop than I was getting on Windows. When it doesn't, it's not something someone with no tech experience can fix, sadly.

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I agree the comparison is asinine. But I keep seeing the tech bros make it, which is what I find so funny.

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A hammer doesn't replace a carpenter. That's what I meant when I said that this won't replace us: new tools are nice but they won't automate everything. There are some jobs that have been completely replaced with advancements in technology. However, most of them have just gotten simpler and have evolved.

I do think LLMs are important, but I'm just laughing at the hype surrounding it, and all the grandiloquent claims made by tech bros.

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The tech is interesting, no doubt. It's very effective as a tool to generate text nobody reads, like the marketing speak on your random startup website. It still isn't efficient on things where what is generated actually matters.

Your example with customer service is news to me, thanks. On my end, I remember the bad experience customers had with Air Canada. We'll see how this grows in the future.

I had a discussion last week with people saying it'll automate software engineering, which is not a given. You say "yet", but I'm skeptical it'll ever work. I can see it designing UI better than a non-specialist, but the flaws in quality means I can't trust it anywhere near my code, even though I can see a future for it as a fancy static analyzer.

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I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

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Behold. This shit is supposed to take our jobs.


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Are they not a ChatGPT troll account or a bot?

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This is an ironic ChatGPT answer, meant to (rightfully) creep you out.

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There's also Swig, but it sucks from what I've been told.

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Balzac = Ballsack

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I'll check OpenUI, thanks for the suggestion

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Oubliez tout ce qui suit la première partie où Tapie gâteux est à la ramasse. Ça fait du bien d'entendre un esti de bourgeois rappeler d'où le nord ouvrier trouvait sa consistance et son intelligence à l'époque

Une épidémie (
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Je ne sais pas si c'est réellement approprié, et si ça n'est pas le cas, autant supprimer ce post. Mais je me demandais ce que vous pensiez sur l'épidémie de tankies sur Lemmygrad/Hexbear et Lemmy.

Et je ne parle pas des gens raisonnablement sceptiques sur certains sujets, mais des gens qui célèbrent la mort des opposants à leurs régimes de prédilection.

Autant le dire tout de suite, et mon historique de posts le confirmera, je ne viens pas faire l'apologie du régime chinois, nord-coréen ou russe.

Je suis juste vraiment curieux de savoir ce que d'autres gauchisses en pensent?

Merci de votre attention!

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Facteur Cosmique? (
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Salut à tous!

J'ai bu au festival de Chambly une excellente sûre de style belge faite par Dieu du Ciel, que je n'ai jamais retrouvé par la suite. Savez-vous si elle est trouvable quelque part?

Mike Ward - Noir (
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