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Saying stupid shit generates engagement and pushes your post to the top of social media. Stop falling for bait.

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Me: breathing in oxygen and exhaling CO2

Cops: you're under arrest.

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People try to meta game on politics. They want their side to win so they think they should support policies that will win over other voters rather than what they support. People think that Jewish people will support Biden if they blindly support Israel because Israel = Jews or something. It's really braindead thinking.

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I keep random accounts throughout the fediverse so downtime is not an issue for me. I'm grateful for this alternative that you've created and I understand that this project is still in it's infancy. Thank you for creating it, but please take time for yourself. This site is truly a gift.

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The point is to make the organization waste resources fighting this.

Just make an organization called, "Christians for literacy" or some shit and do the exact same thing.

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Old guy at work asks me if I like my job and I say no. He says "Work is for family not for you."

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Legally, you're allowed to make copies of games that you own and use them in an emulator. You can download mods, play multiplayer across the Internet when servers get shut down and also take advantage of better hardware and get better resolution and framerates, then there are quality of life improvements like savestates.

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Do they even have a presence in Europe?

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Factories are hiring for $21+ an hour for basic work, inside, usually climate controlled. Also my health insurance is $25/mo with good coverage and includes a free gym membership. Where I live you can buy a decent house for $100k - $200k. Line mechanics make $60k-$80k with basic knowledge of how a PLC works. Management is going to get dropped for ai, fuck those guys.

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People are just not price sensitive to most things. It's also seen as bad to be thrifty, most people think of you as being cheap or stingy. Everything is about appearances now, people are more worried about what other people think than their own interests.

Companies have also figured out that they can make more profit by raising prices and shipping less product. They have to pay less in overhead and wages and get the same amount of money.

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I'm in a situation where I'm looking for jobs local to me with decent pay and benefits. I did searches on all the major job sites with my criteria, sorted how I want, striped out the session ids and saved the links in an auto hotkey script so I can quickly check each site every day.

I still have issues with irrelevant results, such as jobs on towns I have no desire to commute to, companies I would never work for, and jobs with requirements I don't have, such as nursing.

I'm not really a programmer, but I can tinker around with things to an extent. It would be nice to be able to scrape these sites in order to reduce the irrelevant postings, I just don't know how to go about it.

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When I poop, I'll take my hand and make a "knife hand" and massage the area above my hip and grab the side of my stomach while bending over to help the poop get out instead of straining. It's this weird?

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I can't find anything on the specifics of how federation actually works. The op thread gets copied to any federated server? What happens if the thread is deleted on the op server? Does it still exist on all other federated servers? How do comments and votes work? That kind of thing.

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The fire department said drivers should not park over leaves.

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