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If anything, cannabis seems like a much better (and more profitable) drug around which to build a leisurely establishment.

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[-] Pat12 70 points 11 months ago

The difference is you can't taste other people's alcohol but you can smell others' smoke

[-] zeppo 47 points 11 months ago* (last edited 11 months ago)

People who are going to a place to smoke typically wouldn’t mind that. Take cigar or vape lounges, for instance. Also it’s usually people who don’t smoke weed who act like the smell of weed bothers them.

[-] Pat12 11 points 11 months ago

right but my point is if a group of friends want to go to a bar and some people don't smoke or like the smell of smoke then there is a problem, it's not like they can just opt not to smell smoke

[-] zeppo 25 points 11 months ago

Then don’t go to a weed bar, I guess. Laws are unlikely to allow weed and alcohol in the same place any time soon… though that already happens illegally at concerts and many bars I’ve been to. But people at the bars usually smoke outside. Colorado gov’t acts like all hell would break loose if people smoke and drink at the same time.

[-] [email protected] 9 points 11 months ago

...that's why you would only go to a place like that if everyone is down. Having them for people that want to go is fine, no one is forced to go.

[-] WhiteHawk 10 points 11 months ago

That sounds nice in theory, but in reality the result is usually that if the majority of a group smokes, the nonsmokers don't have much of a choice except for looking for new friends. That was a very common complaint when smoking in pubs and restaurants was still legal here.

[-] [email protected] 10 points 11 months ago* (last edited 11 months ago)

Just because one person doesn't want to go to something doesn't mean they shouldn't exist. You're basically saying one person's opinion/choice outweighs an entire group. If those choices constantly put you at odds with the group it might be best to find a group that aligns with your values more. There's also nothing wrong with being friends with the people that want to go to things you don't like, just tag along when they do things you do like. You also don't have to have one set of friends, you can have multiple groups that like to do different things. I'm not pro banning things for the sake of others that can choose not to participate.

[-] WhiteHawk 6 points 11 months ago

That line of arguing is exactly why it doesn't work. And in general I agree that banning things because someone else doesn't like it is wrong, getting rid of smoking wherever possible is better for everyone, including the smokers.

For what it's worth, pretty much everyone here in Austria agrees that the ban on smoking in indoor establishments was a good thing. It's just so much better to come home from a night out and not reek like smoke so badly that everything you touch will smell for days.

[-] Cannacheques 4 points 11 months ago

Well if low THC vapes and flower carts become common enough, we could see it become much more socially acceptable over time.

The problem is how to shift public perception of it as an anti-social behaviour towards a more acceptable vice that doesn't necessarily have to affect others good time

[-] 0235 1 points 10 months ago

I don't know anyone who doesn't drink. I would be completely isolated from my friend group if i wasn't allowed to go to the pub with them and not drink alcohol. It would be unfair for them to force them now and again to have a dry night out to appease me.

Now if the place only sold edibles or had like a vape lounge area, that could work a bit better.

[-] tree_frog_and_rain 3 points 11 months ago

and drunk people can be annoying and it is hard to opt out of being around them at the bar

[-] pineapplefriedrice 2 points 11 months ago

Well you would go to an alcohol bar. There's more than enough of those already.

[-] [email protected] 30 points 11 months ago

You can certainly smell other people's alcohol. Most pubs reek of cheap beer

[-] [email protected] 10 points 11 months ago

Some establishments yes, but in most places I would not smell alcohol unless someone spilled it all over the floor. It’s anyway much less compared to smoke that will stick to your clothes

[-] hglman 2 points 11 months ago

The thing is, you don't get intoxicated by the smell of alcohol. I am incredibly sensitive to THC, and just contact high can make me not feel well.

[-] dystop 22 points 11 months ago

Edibles might make it better. But then you'll need to give people something to do for an hour or so before it kicks in...

[-] [email protected] 8 points 11 months ago

You mean like eating, playing board games, and socializing?

[-] [email protected] 18 points 11 months ago* (last edited 11 months ago)

Dry vaporizers (with temperature below 200C, convection-based) don't have smoke so are a lot less offensive with smell, if not odorless particularly with access to fresh air.

Also people smelling of alcohol, particularly if they are drunk or drinking liquor, is definitely a thing. Also barfing. I wouldn't doubt bars having bad smells sometimes.

[-] [email protected] 7 points 11 months ago

Thanks for the shameless plug opportunity for m/dryherbvapes!

[-] RaoulDook 4 points 11 months ago

Yep that's the 21st Century way to party. Smoking tastes almost disgusting after making the switch.

Bars could have bar-top vape systems and you could bring your own plant materials or buy there, but you would probably have to buy a disposable nozzle for the vape systems. Each patron could use a clean disposable tip for their visit to minimize germs.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 11 months ago* (last edited 11 months ago)

Depending on the the vaporizer tech, I could see BYOB (and a bit of auto-cleaning or just provided qtips etc) being a thing. Meaning bag, bowl, or...

Also personally I have my own mini-"pipe" that I carved, the balloon bag slots into it and it has a carb hole for air-mixing (also it can fit the direct draw/whip mouthpiece into it too, diff orientation). So it's a personal mouthpiece.

[-] [email protected] 4 points 11 months ago

there are THC drinks where I live, always a nice option for me to have at gatherings as a non-alcohol person.

[-] pineapplefriedrice 2 points 11 months ago

Right but you can consume cannabis in tons of different ways - cookies, cocktails, etc. Restaurants had smoking areas for decades with far worse air filtration systems.

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