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Except when it doesn't. That saying never made sense (far more species have gone extinct than exist today) and it doesn't apply here.

Piracy will continue, obviously, but what we're seeing here is the creation of an internet we can't even fathom yet. This is just where it starts.

Also consider how much more difficult it will be for the average person to participate in piracy. Remember a few months back when Microsoft floated they were basically looking to lock down windows? No unsigned apps, no win32, etc. People will get around that, of course, but fewer people will. Especially if they continue with this trend towards stripping options and de-admin-ing all users unless they pay for an enterprise license.

Then there's the dangerous trend toward encryption being broken by regulation and possibly even VPNs being rendered useless for anyone but businesses. There goes secure torrenting.

The trends don't look good, across the board. We can't just sit here and hope it all works out and the loopholes are found, like it always has before.

[-] whileloop 9 points 10 months ago

I am by no means saying we should passively hope that things will work out. What I am saying is that we have no reason to be defeatist. In the same time that we've seen aggressive pushes for a more locked down internet, we've seen dozens of open source projects to fight back.

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