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"What's clear right now is that there's no one spamming Google [that's] not doing it with AI," Gillham told The Register. "Not all AI content is spam, but I think right now all spam is AI content."

Gillham's team has been producing monthly reports to track the degree to which AI-generated content is showing up in Google web search results. As of last month, about 10 percent of Google results point to AI content, it's claimed, and that's after Google vowed to take down a whole host of websites that were pushing such trash.

"Google did these manual actions to try and win a battle, but then seem to still be sort of struggling with their algorithm being overrun by AI content," Gillham told us.

Best SEO spam 2024 reddit (www.marginalia.nu)
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One of the great joys of working on a search engine is that you get to reverse engineer SEO spam, and overall study how it evolves over time.

I’ve been noticing the search engine spam strategy of adding ‘reddit’ to page titles for a few years now, but it feels like it’s been growing a lot recently. I don’t think it’s actually working, but it’s so cute that they are trying.

The “white noise baby reddit” item has an interesting word salad quality to it. Reminds me of the A Japanese Toaster You Can Fuck listicle I discovered a while back, which to this date is my all time favorite SEO trainwreck.

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So, let's here what people think of the state of search engines and see what recommendations people have, preferably for non-corporate ones. Popular on here are:

There's also:

What else?

I'll update here with suggestions.

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customizable search engines (self.searchengines)
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Do you know about a private customizable search engine? I would like to hint the search engine about what search results I like without specifying them on every single query.

For instance when need to search up some programming documentation almost always there are some blogs in the search results meanwhile I'm always looking for the official documentation. I want to go to settings and specify something like

+ official documentation
- blog

and every single time I search something up I get less noise. Also being able to block some domains like


would also be nice. In case I get annoyed by some domain that have a lot of ads and information at the very bottom.

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starting (self.searchengines)
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