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It really all just comes down to the content and the service that can be provided to the content creators.

Storage space is expensive and is the biggest hurdle. Most PeerTube instances have very small storage quotas, so a content creator would run out of storage fast.

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That’s probably impossible, since there are no ads on PeerTube. There’s nothing keeping content creators from using YouTube AND PeerTube though.

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I’m trying to get some of the bigger FOSS game developers to use PeerTube for their videos, but it ain’t easy. I’m actually surprised at how many of them don’t have a presence on any of the FOSS social media platforms.

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It plays fine for me in Voyager.

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€50?? Sounds like they are using an expensive Digital Ocean droplet or something 😅

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Har binge watched Beverly Hills Cop, da der lige er kommet en 4’er.

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Is it really that expensive to run a wiki? I mean, I host Lemmy and PeerTube (+more) out of my own pocket.

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Det går jeg rundt og siger hele tiden!

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Andrew Yang for president!

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Google make some good products. I am just not willing to trade my privacy for it.

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I guess that’s true. This is just what the game developer named their trailer though.

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You are welcome 😅

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