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Year of the Pegasus announced! (hearthstone.blizzard.com)
submitted 5 months ago by Yokozuna to c/hearthstone

So the news is out, and with this new year in Hearthstone, we are celebrating 10 years of the tavern. Tons of free goodies to be had, including login rewards, a new event, and twitch drops. Be sure to read the blog post and also check out the changes to the core set coming up. Deathknight Rune restrictions have been loosened up and some cards have been buffed, and shamans get their Air Totem back! Also LEEEEEROOOOOOY is back in standard, how long until shadow step is abused with him again?


I’m assuming because it’s the end of the standard year blizzard is trying to squeeze money out of everyone but each time I check the shop the standard pack bundles I unlocked for reaching bronze, silver or gold etc have disappeared.

Do they only unlock for a certain time?

Or are they only there for certain ranks?

Anyone have a list of all the bundle tiers?


Some tips:

  • Unless you’re playing hot and are confidently legend (i.e. you’re holding your own when you make it to legend) then all the usual advice applies with this brawl, don’t bother.

  • You really have to know your opponents deck and mulligan for cards you know will give your deck the best chance at winning.

  • I played optimally with my deck but one mistake did cost me a game so you will be punished for sub optimal plays.

  • You do have an element of luck with matchups but I faced two decks which are hard counter to my decks (Thaddeus sludge warlock) and won because I played around their combo trigger. I stress again, you have to know your deck and your opponents very well.

  • Don’t take excavation rogue as your deck unless you are sub 1000 legend, you’ll die.

Would I recommend earthen paladin? The meta for the brawl has shifted a bit more to value decks I chose this deck because treant Druid and excavate rogue is so popular and this deck hard counters Druid and performs well against rogue players who play suboptimally.

Earthen will not perform well against Reno decks unless you get a very good draw.


What do people think?


Is it cheaper now to just roll a new account with no standard cards and get 1000 cards?

For me it may seal the deal to buy the Showdown prepurchase bundle.


I’ve returned to Hearthstone after 5 years (I boycotted every blizzard game after their treatment of Blitzchung) wondering what the best way to be a FTP player is now?

Is Arena still the best use of gold?

How should I get gold now? I see that quests have all changed.

Any obvious ‘to dos’ I should be aware of?

Druid is just brutal (self.hearthstone)
submitted 10 months ago by Iampossiblyatwork to c/hearthstone

No matter my mulligan or draw or tech there doesn't feel like there's any way to win against buff token Druid. Dead by turn 7 most games. Silence doesn't help because they get buffed back the next turn.

As warlock I feel like I should just auto concede as a win doesn't feel possible.

Twist feelings so far? (self.hearthstone)
submitted 10 months ago by Yokozuna to c/hearthstone

Seeing that the new set just dropped. Is anyone playing the mode and what are your thoughts?

Personally I played through to Plat 5 on a not so complete jade rogue deck. Also got lucky and unpacked a legendary off of one golden pack from caverns of time. Also I had made it a point to get every common/rare card in the game when they announced duplicate protection so I have a good majority of cards already, I can imagine people that dust everything that goes to wild will have a bit of a harder time getting into the mode.

submitted 11 months ago* (last edited 10 months ago) by Yokozuna to c/hearthstone

I've mostly piloted aggro since I've played hearthstone so this deck is a bit of a departure from what I'd usually play because besides hunter and drum druid right now there isn't too much aggro honestly. I'll consistently end games around turn 6 or 7. Usually people just quit when I plop down the ooze on 5. The consistency of the deck as well as the potential to turn from scam combo with the undead package into slightly more control oriented with the symphonies and sargaeras just feels really flexible and nice.

What's everyone's thoughts so far either on this deck or just the meta in general right now?

Edit: rest in pieces thaddius

First Titans balance patch! (hearthstone.blizzard.com)
submitted 11 months ago by caulkandbawls to c/hearthstone

Mech Rogue nerfed but at least alibi stalling is going to hell. Post deck codes if ya got them!

Update 27.0 (news.blizzard.com)
submitted 11 months ago by Rezbit to c/hearthstone
All cards for Titans are revealed! (hearthstone.blizzard.com)
submitted 11 months ago by caulkandbawls to c/hearthstone

Kinda bummed that warrior is going to be pushed to a control archetype when the tempo enrage cards are so fun. Also fuck priest.


I played from Vanilla to Rise of Shadows before quitting Hearthstone. I had a fairly complete competitive collection at that time. How hard would it be for me to get back into Hearthstone if I intended to only play Wild?

What's your unfun matchup? (self.hearthstone)
submitted 1 year ago by RisingGrace to c/hearthstone

For me it's control priest. It's honestly just one of the most unfun matchups for how much generation he's got and healing and boardclears and I'd rather just auto conceelde at this point than face him. Doesn't even feel good to play against him when you win


Yet again, the devs messed up what could be a decent brawl mechanic. By turn 3 or 4, your hand is full for the rest of the match, pretty much guaranteeing that you won't get to play the card you chose.
The opponent's hand is also likely full, so they don't receive the cast off card.

Best way to have avoided this would have been to set player's opening hand to zero cards or expand hand size to 12 or 15. With three cards being added to your hand every turn, you will still eventually reach a point where your hand is perpetually filled, but at least it would take a bit longer and you could actually play the cards you picked and/or received.


Just take the hits and say well played jeez

This guy just conceded as soon as he saw Garrosh even though he had a full hand and I was actually going to be short like one damage for the kill

Do you do this? Why?

Earn 11 free packs (July 1-2) (bnetcmsus-a.akamaihd.net)
submitted 1 year ago by [email protected] to c/hearthstone

This weekend Hearthstone is celebrating Twist and TITANS announcements with a special Community Day. 11 Packs will be given out via Twitch Drops starting July 1, 12pm PDT


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