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Article Interop WG: How to represent titles?

Should title be inserted into Article.content as an <h1> tag, or should it go to Article.name?

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its funny you are saying that right now I was just reading about how many fediverse projects are there, I am sure we could get it packaged up for Yunohost if that was a stopper for you...

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its very different. I would recommend signing up to instances of both and playing around with them to get a hang of it. I really don't like the design of mobilizon I think they made a lot of confusing decisions


Here's the reason Article became a second class citizen...


In this issue I raised against Mastodon in 2017 (on a now defunct github account), Mastodon at the time treated Note and Article identically. In particular, it removed all the HTML except for 'a' tags - even from Article. This made federation with the elephant impossible for us. At this time the ActivityPub fediverse consisted of Hubzilla and Mastodon. Period. The specification wasn't even final yet. Hubzilla provides long-form multi-media content, just like a blog. This content was completely destroyed by Mastodon's HTML sanitizer, especially blockquotes, which displayed everything we quoted as original text and mis-attributed.

My proposal to the Mastodon team (which was basically Eugen) was to relax the input sanitisation on the Article type a bit , and Mastodon could have their plaintext Note and we could have our multi-media and the fediverse be one happy family. Regardless of the fact that HTML is specified as the default content-type for all content in ActivityPub.

The response from Eugen was to turn Article into a link, meaning our content wouldn't be shown inline at all - and closing the issue. I believe this is the last time I ever communicated with Eugen and I will never, ever file another issue against Mastodon.

We started using Note instead, so that our messages would federate at all and knowing that Article would have been the most sensible choice.

We also need to strip all the images out of our perfectly renderable content and add them back in as attachments - otherwise they won't be displayed on Mastodon. As it turns out, Mastodon only adds back 4 images and reverses the order. This is less than satisfactory because the source content lets us position text around each image, and it forces anybody with multi-media content to not only perform this unnecessary step, but also to check every attachment on import and see if it was already included in the HTML - or it will be displayed twice.

As far as I'm concerned, Mastodon should be taken to the mountain-top and cast into the volcano. But it appears we're stuck with the infernal thing.

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I would recommend Gancio instead of Mobilizon to be honest. Its also fediverse event software but designed quite different. You can see a pretty active server of it here https://bcn.convoca.la

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wow a lot of progress since last I posted about this, we now have a Lemmy Wikipage in 12 languages!

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📣 This is a callout proposing a working group to improve Article interop in Mastodon, and across fediverse servers & apps

📣 This is a callout proposing a working group to improve Article interop in Mastodon, and across fediverse servers & apps

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#activitypub #Article #Known #Plume #wordpress #WriteFreely


Das Fediverse wächst weiter: Über das zugrundeliegende Protokoll ActivityPub soll in diesem Jahr auch die Blogging- und Newsletter-Plattform Ghost föderieren.

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Thanks for the prompt! I am trying to talk more publicly about all this fediverse internet hubub thats swirling in my head lately. There is a massive seachange here that feels possible for maybe the first time in my adult life and I think it will only get there if we all really push for the fediverse to become what we desire in the world.

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Ghost itself is one of the bigger winners in the oops-Substack-has-Nazis newsletter migration, and letting authors on its platform more easily distribute their work is itself in stark contrast to Substack, which is reacting to its failing business model by making it harder to leave its own increasingly-social-network-like platform.

a synopses of this Verge piece by the autotldr bot Lemmy bot

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I ran across this exchange with Ghost CEO John O'Nolan on the Product Hunt announcement:


Wow great work, do you think payments will start to also go this way with Ghost in the future? As ActivityPub is decentralized, maybe having some decentralized type payments fit into the future

John O'Nolan replied:

yeah! I think crypto is actually starting to get interesting for the first time now, because most people are no longer interested in it. Generally that signals the end of the hype phase and the beginning of practical utility - so I’m very interested in exploring how decentralised payments could work in Ghost in the future. There are all kinds of interesting and legitimate and interesting usecases which Stripe (mostly Visa/Mastercard) refuse to support


Today, open source publishing platform Ghost announced that it will soon join the Fediverse with ActivityPub integration baked-in to its feature suite. The announcement includes a handy explanation of what ActivityPub is, the benefits that provides to publishers on Ghost, and a deep dive into where these features will be found in the near future

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Well the part that excites me is that Ghost is one of the biggest newer CMS's started after Wordpress. Ghost is also open source so at least the work they do can be reused into the future (unlike say Threads or Flipboard) and we will suddenly have the ability of a lot of large parts of the web to be able to switch on federation without much effort. Look at all these large entities that use Ghost. Everytime one of these big players joins the fediverse there is this overflow effect onto little community players who might have chosen to use Ghost or WordPress or Flarum etc a long time ago and suddenly without the individual sites having to do much they can grow a whole new audience. So in short, I don't use Ghost and am not personally super excited by the project, but I am excited to see who it ends up bringing in!

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Ghost was originally just for blogging, but they recently decided to take on Substack directly so now they do both. I think Buttondown originally came out of Mailchip being shitty and then they were also taking on Substack so I think this move is that if they team up together and also with the fediverse they have a shot at directly competing with Substack (in the VC minded way I assume)


"This idea has been at the top of the list for a long time, so this week we’re starting work to look into the possibility of adding ActivityPub support to Ghost. Because there are lots of different potential ways this could be built, the team is curious to hear more detail about how you imagine this working… If you have a moment spare, could you fill out this 2-minute, 3 question survey to tell us what you’d like to see?" posted by John O’Nolan, CEO and Founder of Ghost

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This is just such an action packed post @[email protected], thanks for the mention!

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Do you know what it's called?


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I've implemented basic support for composite groups (groups of groups). (Formerly named meta groups.) There's a lot of redundancy because of the federated nature of the azoriverse, with similar groups duplicated across multiple servers. Composite groups are a solution, by presenting users with a (somewhat transparent) single group that collects all of the posts.

I've created two groups, metaprog and technoscience, for demo and testing.

This is still preliminary, so federation doesn't quite work yet, but eventually the goal would be that you can follow a composite group, and it will forward activities. Instead of having to individually chase down every new programming group that gets created, you could delegate that the metaprog admin (me) to keep the group list updated.

Some basic federation is now working. I think it probably won't work from Lemmy, ironically, but azorius, honk and mastodon, etc. should be able to follow these groups. (Don't follow from azorius until after updating.)


The grandfather of the fediverse @[email protected] wants TikTok Notes to join the fediverse


As decentralized social networks become more popular, the way different protocols interact could set the stage for the future of the web.


The panel on stage at the Knight Foundation’s Informed event is Elon Musk’s nightmare blunt rotation: Techdirt editor Mike Masnick, Twitter’s former safety lead Yoel Roth, and Bluesky CEO Jay Graber, who have come together to discuss content moderation in the fediverse.

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