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Violations of privacy. Microsoft has that too though, so unless Google has wallpapers they need to stop up their game.

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I was going to say more but that’s really all I can think.


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Birds outside my window at 4 AM: 10000.

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Am I the only one who’s more bothered by “wyd” missing a second w than by the picture?

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I’m pretty sure Florida Man has been sentenced to a couple of millennia worth of prison time by now.

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I agree - I wish it were more accurate, but anything raising awareness is nice.

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A few things to note here. It is comparing deuteranomaly to protanopia. The first is anomalous trichromacy, the latter dichromacy - meaning the first type has all three cone types but one is malfunctioning, the latter is completely missing a (different) cone type. So this is not really a good comparison.

Second, as far as I know, no good anomalous trichromacy simulations exist. They all work by (usually linearly) interpolating between normal vision and dichromacy, but this is not supported by empirical evidence.

Third, this does not seem to take into account the lightness differences caused by missing cones.

Finally, while there are multiple types of “total colourblindness”, most if not all suffer from severe acuity problems as well, and usually many other vision problems. The final picture is very unrealistic.

Source: several years of an amateur’s interest in the topic.

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Gothic 1 is my all time favourite RPG. 2 is everything a sequel “should” be: bigger, some mechanics improvements without losing the core, and (with the expansion) callbacks to 1 and familiar characters. And yet it also lost some of the atmosphere. This is why 1 will always be my favourite.

Despite that, it’s still a great game, and many people’s favourite. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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You should really ask the same question - or its inverse - in a conservative forum. If you only ask it here, you’ll get a very skewed answer.

And to be honest, the question itself and the wording shows your bias as well. Whenever something about US politics is posted on Lemmy, there are always comments about how “they” are hate-filled people, how “they” are projecting, how “they” want to rape children. It’s a different expression of that hatred, but it is the same hatred.

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The one that says “shortening” actually looks longer to me - like a long tunnel going off into the dark.

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What happened to Lord Buckethead?

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