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If she's old enough to vape then she's old enough to make the decisions for herself

I'm not addressing the tampering stuff, I'm addressing this very misguided statement

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a village where the book made a huge deal about the fact that everyone looks the same due to isolation and inbreeding.

Two particular families were called out as marrying into one another often, not the entire village. In fact I feel like Robert Jordan generally does the opposite of what you describe here - he goes out of his way to uniquely describe a ton of Emond's Field residents, and gave them all pretty varied appearances. Heck, two of the main characters, Mat and Perrin, are different as can be in appearance, aside from the fact that they both have dark hair.

Anyways, either way, even if what you're describing is accurate, it's still not a good excuse to get upset that they casted dark skinned actresses for Egwene and Nynaeve.

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I don't think you understand how addiction works

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The term "hallucination" has been used for years in AI/ML academia. I reading about AI hallucinations ten years ago when I was in college. The term was originally coined by researchers and mathematicians, not the snake oil salesman pushing AI today.

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It's Lululemon backwards, and it's a purse, not an oven mitt

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maple syrup for egg washes

Holy shit that sounds awesome. And not just as a replacement for egg wash, a maple syrup wash sounds incredible just on it's own merits

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"Why don't we table this discussion and circle back later? :) 🤖"

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This is a big reason why I personally like episodes 1-3 more than 4-6. It's just more interesting because neither side is 100% good or 100% bad, and there's a couple times where you're like "wait, the bad guy actually has a point", or "are the good guys really doing the right thing here?". That sort of conflict makes for much better storytelling and more interesting characters, especially when compared to the run-of-the-mill hero's journey story and characters in 4-6.

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"heat shrink that ends an inch above the ankle" for some reason.

Pretty sure the reason is butts

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Put that one in the parking lot

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That sounds like hell

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and who will till the soil, weed, fight pests, harvest, etc.

In the case of a home garden, the homeowners, just like it's expected for a homeowner to care for all the other plants on their property.

In the case of an allotment/community garden, community members would provide the labor. That's how they currently work.

I mean I get it. I'm a rich white person with a lot of leisure time and I own property where I can have a garden... but turns out not everyone has this stuff.

I'm confused what the problem is - just because you know some people that wouldn't benefit from a home garden subsidy, doesn't make it a bad idea, if it encourages more people to grow food at home. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution to be sure, but it is a solution that would work for some, with little to no downside that I can conceive of.

Also the whole "you need a lot of land if you want to garden" thing is kind of a myth. You can do a surprising amount in containers, with vertical systems, or even indoors with grow lights or hydroponics these days.

Edit to address your edit:

Gardening is great. But jerking myself off and generalizing and saying everyone else should be doing what i have the luxury to do... just makes me a smug self-righteous ass. People buy food from stores because it's convenient and fast.

I don't think anyone's saying "everyone should garden", just "more people should garden". The original suggestion we're discussing was to subsidize gardening, which would help reduce the barrier to entry and make it a more attractive option. Option being the keyword there - subsidizing something doesn't mean everyone has to do it, and it certainly isn't an attempt to belittle or shame anyone that can't or doesn't want to garden.

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