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Beh, spesso infatti si trovano delle registrazioni ufficiali dei concerti. Almeno per i gruppi più popolari... Mi ricordo quando si compravano i CD che spesso uscivano delle "Special Edition" in cui avevi il CD e in più un DVD con un intero concerto registrato come si deve.

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That helps, yes. Thank you.

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That really sucks, sorry to hear that man. It seems honestly pretty bad and I really have to stay away from this distro.

Only RedHat could have conceived something this evil. Of course is RedHat, who else could it have been?


but, i read a history that happened a bug in ostree, in the early days, and the devs needed to ask the users to fix it manually, but was when in the start of silverblue

This. This is really giving me hope. It kind of confirms what I was saying too. You see? It almost never breaks. But when it breaks, oh man! It breaks very hard indeed.

Never give up mate, that thing is gonna break somehow, sooner or later. It has to.

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The server seems proprietary to me.

No, they stopped updating the source code of the server at some point, but then they started again. Anyway Signal is far from my favorite messagging app, I actually don't like it at all, but it's still e2e encrypted, so it's (kinda) fine for me.

The bridge is still encrypting stuff

It is. But for a message to be bridged it have to be decrypted by the bridge first, then re-encrypted. So there's a step where the message is in plain text and you have to trust the matrix server which manages the bridge. Don't get me wrong, that's surely better than to trust Meta and other big corporations, but still not ideal.

Anyway thanks for all the useful insights, I'll try to remember to update! 😄

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But well, if that helps, look at the bright side: while it's true that it'll almost never give you problems, I think it's true that the time the problems will happen, they will be pretty hard to solve, so it might break very bad. That's great, isn't it?

Don't tell me that this thing just cannot breaks. If that was even possible, that'd be tremendously evil.

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Welcome to the very reason I'll never ever try Silveblue 😄

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Thanks mate!!

On the bridge thing I 100% agree, although for the way they works you'll have to deal with your messages being unencrypted. On WhatsApp (and Discord, I guess? I don't use it) this probably is still far better than having the app installed, on Signal it's a bit of a shame because it's the only app with proprietary-level usability while being real FOSS and e2e. So using it with the bridge kind of defeat the purpose of e2e I guess, but still I'm definitely gonna try it again.

I have a OnePlus 6 and a Poco F1, so I'll just choose one and give pmOS another go :)

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Please, don't listen to this kind of nonsense and keep using whatever you're happy with.

While I personally don't love Ubuntu, it is a perfectly fine choice and if you're comfortable with it that's just great! Period.

So, congratulations for making this choice and don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. You'll find that the Linux community has much more to give than "you shouldn't use X, use Y because I say so". Just ignore this.

Keep it up, enjoy the ride and welcome!

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It is :)

There's a very useful and friendly forum at https://forums.bunsenlabs.org/ and it is very easy to replace openbox with any other wm of your choice, as long as you're fine with X11.

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If you want Debian, just install Debian.

Maybe if you're into wm setups and you'd like to not have to do everything from scratch you can install Bunsenlabs instead.

It's just plain Debian with preconfigured Openox, that's all.

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Ciao, spero che questo sia il posto giusto. Quando, dalle impostazioni, clicco su Delete account, la pagina si ricarica e mi impedisce di proseguire. Qualcuno può dirmi se esiste un modo alternativo per farlo, o se c'è modo di aggirare questo bug? Mi capita da ogni browser e da ogni dispositivo che ho provato, quindi dubito che sia un problema mio.

Ho scoperto con dispiacere che non è possibile migrare fra istanze, credevo che lo fosse, e se ho ben capito non è neanche una funzionalità alla quale gli sviluppatori hanno intenzione di dare priorità. Fra l'altro non mi sembra che esista neanche una funzione per esportare/importare i dati dell'account, che poteva essere una funzione simile, forse più semplice da implementare. Ad ogni modo, mi fa piacere provare varie istanze quindi vorrei esplorare un po', ma non mi piace l'idea di lasciare account che non uso sparsi in giro. Quindi grazie a chi cercherà di aiutarmi!

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