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WMDs was one of the excuses for invading Iraq. Another was that they hosted Al Qaeda people in the country. The administration started claiming Saddam Hussein was somehow involved in the 9/11 attacks within a couple of days. Here's just one article I found from a quick search: https://www.brookings.edu/articles/9-11-and-iraq-the-making-of-a-tragedy/

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Good idea, after having just spent quite a while setting mine and troubleshooting them (first time samba user).

I haven't used the tool below, but I've seen it be recommended. Might it be kind of what you're looking for?


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Hadn't heard of it before. Thanks.

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No problem, I understand.

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Has entered the Enterprise-only chat. :)

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People are saying in another part of this thread that many games with anticheat actually work on Linux.

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Same here. I'm going to be testing Mint and PopOS! soon.

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I think this is the best assessment I've read yet of Windows 11. I just switched the OS on my work computer with a fresh install of Windows 11 and have run into a handful of issues and frustrations. This thing has been out for like 3 years now. It shouldn't still be this problematic. I may end up switching to a long-term support version of Windows 10 that goes to 2027 or 2029. Unfortunately that's only available for Enterprise editions, so I can't do the same at home. I'm soon going to be dual- and triple-booting Linux at home.

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@[email protected] @[email protected] - you might want to take a close look at Bitwig. It's a top-notch DAW developed by former Ableton developers. I hear it's fairly similar workflow to Ableton, but also that it's better in certain ways. This is without even taking into consideration that Bitwig supports Linux. I don't have any association with Bitwig, don't even own it (yet?), but just wanted to let you know.

I think I've heard that some VST support may be tricky though. I could be misremembering, but also worth researching.

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I haven't switched or started dual-booting yet because I haven't had time, but I've read the recommendation that the best way to do dual or even multiple boot is to have separate physical OS drives and select which one to boot from with the BIOS boot selector. Smaller SSD drives are pretty cheap these days, especially if you get them used on ebay or whatever. I picked up a Samsung 240 with 0% wearout for like $20 bucks.

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True story: I bought my current printer from a homeless man. I had actually found the printer in a box that someone had left on the curb across the street the night before, so I knew it wasn't stolen. I was going to take it home but was walking away from home at the time and didn't get a chance that night. The next day I saw it with the homeless man across the street and offered to buy it.


I learned about this many years ago and the difference after I started using only SLS-free toothpaste was night and day. I used to get canker sores any time I would bite the inside of my cheek, hit my gums with the hard parts of my toothbrush, etc., and this completely stopped a while after I switched to SLS-free.

SLS is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, by the way, and it's a detergent. From what I understand, the only reason why it's added to toothpaste is to make more foam when you brush. But the SLS-free toothpaste I use makes plenty of foam, so I have no idea why they add it. It's one of those things about the modern world that makes absolutely no sense. The ads and packaging should say in big letters: "now with even more canker sores!"

Unfortunately, the vast majority of toothpastes on the market (at least in the US) have SLS. I can only seem to find SLS-free toothpaste in natural food/supplement stores. It's extra difficult to find toothpastes that are SLS-free but that keep fluoride too. The difficulty (and price? I haven't compared) is completely worth it to me though.

TL;DR: The SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in most toothpastes is unnecessary and causes canker sores (painful sores in your mouth and gums). If you have this problem, you will likely benefit from SLS-free toothpaste (some still include fluoride) that you can usually find at natural food stores.


You should know that the issue with many communities on other Lemmy instances that you subscribed to showing a "subscribe pending" status has mostly been resolved.

I looked in my subscribed communities list, found all the pending ones, opened them, unsubscribed (clicked the yellow "subscribe pending" button) and resubscribed. After that, I refreshed the page and I was now fully subscribed to them, regardless of which Lemmy instance hosts the community.

The only exception, unfortunately, was with kbin communities. All the kbin.social ones still showed subscribe pending for me even after following the same procedure. Still, this is a big improvement over having a bunch of half-subscribed communities.

I know that the pending status didn't have much of a negative effect on my end because I would still get those in my subscribed feed, but I hoped for the communities' subscriber numbers to fully reflect the actual number of subscribers.


I don't know if it's just me, but I've been unable to comment on any lemmy.world communities for several days now. I have even verified that lemmy.world was up and running, but it didn't help. I presume that there's some federation problem, likely on their end. My solution for now will have to be to unsubscribe from all lemmy.world communities and look for alternatives elsewhere, unless anyone has any better ideas.


I have an issue with some servers at work where I have been unable to determine the best course of action to address it based on pre-existing knowledge within my team or web searches. Does anyone have suggestions for the best place to ask RHEL-specific questions? I don't want to presume that it's OK to post such nitty-gritty technical questions here.

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