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By $20 + tax + tips + fees, did you mean 5000 fucking dollars

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Look what happens when E2E is insecure, they help the kids at an alarming rate.

[-] whostosay 2 points 2 days ago

His donors had to shell out*

[-] whostosay 1 points 2 days ago

For sure, but it's just one of those things where you're not going to get one without the other in our current system unfortunately.

[-] whostosay 1 points 3 days ago

People that have that type of skill set don't get it by only chasing money, in guess some might, but genuine interest is more likely imo

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They're common for martinis, but you can find them premade in jars at the store usually in the pickled section. I like em by themselves

[-] whostosay 1 points 4 days ago

I am a straight up menace when there's a jar of blue cheese olives around.

[-] whostosay 4 points 4 days ago

Covid didn't do enough

[-] whostosay 2 points 4 days ago

Fuck that. Bus them to what was Florida.

[-] whostosay 2 points 4 days ago

I don't think you know how needed they really are. They have the talent, the hardware, and money. That said, we need to regulate because they also have one thing working against all else, greed.

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Every fucker here shopped at the $2 store aside from guy on the far right, he shopped at a sheep farm.

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Are there any bills being written that would actually fix the US policing problem? Anything meaningful in the works?

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I am not bad with computers and have a beginner+, maybe intermediate level knowledge of Linux and I kept running into some problems here and there with different distros. Most claimed to work out of the box (which may be the case for some users, but I have a shit ass Nvidia 1060 and that was not at all the case, until I installed Nobara KDE/Nvidia.

Just came here to potentially save someone time, this shit is actually working out of the box, closest experience to this was with Arch, but that's definitely not out of the box.

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I have a question I need to ask but I want to do it privately as the topic it correlates to is pretty taboo. Please comment or dm me, and I'll dm you back.

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I wanted to post this for two reasons, one being to try to drive this community's engagement up a little, and the other to grow my collection of books on the topic.

As much as I'd love to see this community as active as its Reddit counterpart, I would also like if it wasn't as hostile as r/UFOs. So far on Lemmy, it's been great to see that for the most part we are not all at each other's throats.

Let's talk about some books, y'all. What should I be reading?

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Hey fellas, I noticed a lot of people will install/boot headless versions of this software on raspi to conserve resources. If I go through installing what I need to install via the GUI/Terminal, will I have any issues when I'm finished turning on the boot to CLI? I assume this won't affect the background process too much (unless of course something I install needs a GUI.)

Along with that, will I still be conserving the same amount of resources as if I ran headless to begin with. Running x64 Bookworm on raspi 4 (8gb) if that matters, and have a general self-hosting setup.

Thanks in advance!

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