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Splintered media environment means we don't actually have a shared set of facts to discuss with people from the other side anymore. We can't have normal conversations when we can't agree on the basic facts on the ground.

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"Really? How about dying for it?"

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"According to Air Canada, Moffatt never should have trusted the chatbot and the airline should not be liable for the chatbot's misleading information because Air Canada essentially argued that "the chatbot is a separate legal entity that is responsible for its own actions," a court order said."

Can you imagine the hellscape we'd be living in if precedent went the other way? Companies could just run every unsavory decision through some machine learning system and then wash their hands of it afterwards.

"Oh you were illegally fired? Sorry, that decision came from the Overmind, not from us."

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The family and also the calf are okay, fwiw.

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I'm a vegan, but one argument specifically against allowing dog meat trade is that it often encourages stealing companion animals (aka pets) to make a quick buck. Sometimes they're held ransom and people have to pay the thieves to keep a member of their family from being killed and eaten. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Also, dogs were bred specifically to live alongside humans, to form bonds with us. To do that to any organism and then treat it like livestock is a special kind of monstrous.

So I'm in favor of drawing as many lines as possible when it comes to animal consumption of any kind. And then, if the situation makes you uncomfortable about some of the other lines you've drawn around cows, pigs, or chickens, then you analyzing those in more depth too is also a win in my book.

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They are altering the deal. Pray they don't alter it any further.

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So what is the issue then?

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To be fair, those kind of mean the same thing

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I've been pretty much insta-buy on every dlc that came out since I started playing, starting with Taurox's dlc, and this is the first one I'm gonna sit out I think.

Pricing for chorfs could at least be argued but the math for Shadows of Change pricing just doesn't add up. Especially for other regions.

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Yeah, don't expect funding for AAA games!


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My understanding is that the difference in terms goes back to the Norman invasion, which is when a ton of French-based terms for things were carried over.

The peasants referred to everything as the name of the animal but the French nobles referred to it as porc, boeuf, etc. This is also where we got the words for venison, mutton, veal, poultry, and also apparently pheasant

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Why block them? I like a little spice with my scrolling. Plus it's a fun mystery box to see what's under the blur. Straight/gay? Cis/trans? That one guy that literally just posts 100 fully clothed celebs every hour to disappoint you? Who knows.

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No, you just don't understand. He works in mysterious ways.

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By this I mean: something that can view and fully interact with multiple different services like Lemmy, Mastodon, etc.

Does it exist already?

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