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Awesome, I'm looking forward to checking out all the little details.

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I've been meaning to get into some older total wars, but didn't know where to start. Any tips for Rome Remastered coming from WH2?

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Its pretty dead. I started it at the wrong time (around when SoC for warhammer 3 came out and interest was dying down), but its still here in case anyone wants to post about total war and I still come by every day or so to see if anythings happening. I'm hoping that CA can build up interest again, but the community may not be too lively till then. I wish I could comment on Rome, but I got into total war after it came out so I don't have much to offer lol. Still, welcome!

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But just blacking out doesn't explain why Alfira just ends up dead back at camp in the morning immediately after I send her away. My companions also all see me send her away and yet they all blame me for her death despite that fact. Yes I have blood on me but I also have a disemboweled corpse next to me so it would be weirder if I didn't. Also, Alfira isn't even physically in my camp. What, is my 8 dexterity war cleric supposed to have snuck into the grove, kidnapped her, snuck her into my camp, and killed her in a single night without anyone noticing?

I can't even think in my own head (in character) that I didn't do it. None of it makes sense with that "send her away" dialogue option. I'm fine with the forced story death, but this scene just makes no sense all around. Have her die after the party, when I may actually have a connection with the character, instead of it just being a character I told to fuck off twice. It all doesn't make sense.

Also, save scumming has nothing to do with this conversation, but if you can save scum out of any consequence in Baldur's Gate then why play the game at all by your logic.

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Not up to that point. For instance, when you meet gale in the portal, you are given dialogue choices that can lead to different outcomes. Picking the fairly deranged option ends up with gale losing a hand while picking the normal option progresses the conversation normally. In the Alfira scene, you are given dialogue options (including the option to send Alfira away from camp) but none of them matter. They all lead to her appearing in camp the next morning, dead, no matter how illogical that is. At that point, just give me a cutscene showing Alfira arriving at camp at don't give me any dialogue options to send her away. What's the point of them?

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I didn't mention difficulty or being edgy anywhere in my post. I was talking about agency. Did you not read it? Shit, I wasn't even rping an edgy character.

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Except you have control in the rest of the DU story (according to another comment here). You have agency over those actions (like the dialogue choice that leads to Gale losing or keeping a hand) or at least have a DC to resist the urge. In this situation, the game gives you an option that, logically, should avoid this happening but decides to ignore that choice. That's why it doesn't seem like it fits.

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As far as I can tell the 5 isn't offered in the US yet. Murena uses e/os (a sort of de-googled android os), so apps like gmail are not native. They say that their store pulls from the google play store though, so any apps you've gotten through that should be compatible.

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Fairphone 4 seems to be offered in the US through a company called Murena. Looks like a solid option. https://murena.com/murena-fairphone-4-is-now-available-in-the-usa/

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He is also sharing some really interesting behind the scenes tidbits, like how he did the body mocap for all of the character creation motions.

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I'm 8 minutes in and he is discussing dick details with his guest, showrunner Tom de Ville. I didn't see any post about it here so I though I'd share.

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That includes its ability to return to the wielder when thrown. I just tested it out and the weapon came right back (so I would assume that the disarm immunity applies, too). Seems like that might be useful for a throwing barbarian build (tavern brawler, throwing ring/gauntlets, etc.) and I wanted to share. It'll probably get patched in the future, but I haven't reported just to see if anyone can come up with something broken.

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Parchment is better for heat, wax paper is better with sticky stuff. My mom uses it to roll cookie dough into cylinders. Then she can refrigerate them and unroll it cleanly to cut into discs so she doesn't have to form dough balls by hand. If you need a permanently-non-stick, moldable surface, wax paper is pretty good.

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Hello Warld! (self.total_war)
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Hello to any Total War Fans stopping by the community. I am a reddit refugee that wanted a new place to talk about the Total War series, so I created one! I am not experienced when it comes to moderating and, to be honest, I was more of a lurker when it came to the subreddit. So, if anyone else feels comfortable moderating this community and wants to take over then let me know. Otherwise just be nice, keep things Total War focused, and have a nice time!

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