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This shampoo helped me (mostly) get rid of dandruff and itching: https://farmakom.ua/en/products/shampun-digtyarnij/
So a birch tar shampoo.

However, after 3 years I finally decided to go to a dermatologist. It was getting bigger and bigger, and now my hair wouldn't cover it up. She prescribed me some corticosteroids (betamethasone 0.5mg/g with salicylic acid 20mg/g) for 10 days (twice a day) and that did it. But I consider corticosteroids a last resort. It causes skin thinning and with long term use it may cause topical steroid withdrawal when you stop using it. Just search for TSW and check images, not nice.

Now it's been roughly 2 months since I stopped using it. Seems mostly OK so far, but there's no permanent solution to psoriasis, unfortunately.

I also had a flare up in the groin area for around 2 years, but I felt too embarrassed to mention that. Unfortunately, what I got prescribed specifically mentioned to not use it there. But there's no way I'd be able to mention that to my dermatologist, so after a while of searching I decided on a lower dosage: once a day for 5 days.
It worked perfectly, but I wouldn't recommend it, obviously.

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You forgot one: "Can we see some ID?"

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I am 18, so not much difference.

Just disappointed that I am still alive.

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I use NextDNS, which others have mentioned here.
But Mullvad also has public DNS (DoH and DoT only).

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Didn't find one yet.
For me, in a perfect album would be songs which only have the same kind of feeling. You know, you won't switch from a sad song to the biggest banger. And the songs would be alphabetically sorted so that when you put them into directory, you don't have to keep deciding whether to have them sorted alphabetically or by track no., because they would be in the same order. But that's just my weird problem. Would be cool if it was same in chronological order.

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I even disabled battery saving for clock app, locked it in recents, disabled cache clearing when device is locked.
This only happened to me twice after these precautions, but, MIUI. It's quite buggy, so I don't know if it's power saving or just buginess.

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  1. It's spam, so nobody will care
  2. $303,000, so nobody will care
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I bought myself a 7 inch tablet when I was 8, and I used that as a smartphone. It was small enough to fit into most pockets, and looking at smartphones now, I guess I was just ahead of time with that screen size.
Yes, bought myself. It was the cheapest Android tablet, costing €50. It was quite a bit for me at the time, but nothing unrealistic. My parents didn't give me any pocket money, but you know, I had a grandma. She'd sometimes give me like 10-20 bucks and tell me to keep it away from my parents. And probably a similar amount in food each time I visited her xD.

As for internet, basically unrestricted access, and that turned out well for me. I'd be really (much more) dumb without all that access to information. Now, we didn't have internet, and we still don't (I am 18 now), so how? I've had a dumbphone before, with a SIM card of course. I could use 250MB for 50¢ for a day and top up the credit at basically any supermarket.
Obviously, that wasn't good for everyday usage. But there was something else. WiFi. Like half the people left WPS PIN enabled, with the default PIN. I then used app called "WPS WPA Tester" which had some 14 default PINs it would try. And it usually worked. Even if it didn't, 12345678 was a fairly common password.
However, I did understand that it's not quite good, so when I wanted to download something larger (>50MB), I went to places with public WiFi. Usually the bus station.

Social media: I've only used Facebook for a long time because my parents wanted me to have that (how ironic). However, I've deleted it when I was 12. Too much dumb stuff. I've seen some classmates use Snapchat, and I liked the filters. However I thought it was just a camera app, but when I downloaded it, I found it needs me to sign up. I've always had the same allergy to signing up on random places, so I quickly uninstalled it.
When I was 13 I signed up on Twitter and Quora. Twitter mainly for space-related accounts like NASA, SpaceX, Scott Manley, NSF,... and Quora occasionally had questions even I could answer.
At 14 I got my first laptop which needed an OS. I liked Linux Mint (and didn't even understand the difference between Windows) and Reddit had a nice community for LM. So I signed up on Reddit.
At 15 I signed up on Telegram for the PixelExperience community as I installed the PE 11 custom ROM on my Moto G5s Plus.
At 17 I created an account here on Lemmy, ditched Reddit (due to API changes), deleted Quora account and deleted the Telegram account.

Overall I think it was mostly positive. It allowed me to learn a lot and get in contact with more people. I wouldn't even know any English at all without it, which basically unlocked me the gate to most information. And now, I'd probably be mostly a copy of my parents, which would be terrible. Fun fact: The first website I visited when I got internet access was Wikipedia. So much information in 1 place.

But yeah, I should mention some negatives too. I did spend quite a bit of time watching Minecraft and FNAF videos. Although before the tablet I spent all that time with TV, so I guess not much difference.
I should also probably mention that until high school I didn't even take my devices to school because I was worried about them getting stolen or broken. I never broke a screen, so that was a success.

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I have a dog, so I'll apply that.

  1. Dog.
  2. Dog.
  3. In scenario 1, I not only have a good reason to save my dog, but also let my worst enemy die. In scenario 2 it's more complicated, but my dog trusts me, and the stranger has no such expectations (I hope). Lastly, for both cases, there's no way to regret death. They won't be able to care. Humans can also much better understand the current situation than a dog/cat.
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Oh, no, not really. It's been stuck like this. The federation with lemmy.world does work, but there's a 2-3 hour delay from lemmy.world to lemmy.sdf.org.

They might be using IPoAC for last mile ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

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I've got something interesting too.

No alarm rang. I picked up the phone, no notifications. I opened the clocked app and suddenly got "missed alarm" notifications.
No shit Sherlock.

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Neither. The recipient needs more water, and the letter may or may not find them a well to get water from.

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TACKER:  membership (SDF Membership)
SUBJECT: network outage in second cabinet
DATE:    16-Apr-24 01:22:19
HOST:    mx

It looks that we're experience a network outage to our second cabinet
this evening.  A ticket has been opened to address the issue.

This affects ryo.sdf.org, lemmy.sdf.org and ma.sdf.org

Thank you for your patience.

<ANNOUNCE.1.0/2>(87)[ <ENTER> follow thread, (R)EPLY, (F)LAG or (Q)UIT ]

TACKER:  membership (SDF Membership)
SUBJECT: .. network outage in second cabinet
DATE:    16-Apr-24 01:59:59
HOST:    mx

Confirmed that this is only a network outage to the second cabinet and is
currently being worked on by our network service provider.  Hopefully it
will be resolved soon.  Thank you for your patience.

<ANNOUNCE.1.1/2>(6)[ <ENTER> follow thread, (R)EPLY, (F)LAG or (Q)UIT ]

TACKER:  membership (SDF Membership)
SUBJECT: .. network outage in second cabinet
DATE:    16-Apr-24 20:19:30
HOST:    mx

our network provider has reassigned our uplink port for the second cabinet
and the hosts are once against accessible.

(it even blinks! What!? Why?)

<ANNOUNCE.1> Command:

Just relaying it here.

^Note:^ ^I^ ^am^ ^not^ ^affiliated^ ^with^ ^SDF^

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Both received and decoded in SatDump on Android.
The 321 composite PNG is 65MB, so I compressed it... and then Imgur compressed it even further so there's some extra compression artifacts, but anyway.

And a note: Look4Sat app seems to have wrong TLE for M No. 2-4. Thankfully there was a similar pass to one shown, just 15 minutes later and more to the west.
TLE on N2YO.com is right.

Edit: Ran the decoder again with baseband. It removed the lines from middle.

"I don't know." (i.imgur.com)
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Sorry for the lazy meme, I don't know what else to make this branch diagram in.

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https://lemmy.ml/u/[email protected]

I know in past I've successfully updated my display name, and it shows on other instances, so perhaps this problem is new to 0.19.x, but I am not at all sure about that.

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First of all a disclaimer: I am not upset about the removal of manual server selection as this is a free service. They don't need to provide such services at all, so something is better than nothing.

What happened:
This morning I opened the ProtonVPN app on my phone and got greeted with a message stating free accounts can now only use automatic server selection and addition of free servers in Poland and Romania.
However, I also noticed split-tunelling is now paywalled as well.

Now, this is rather weird. Split-tunelling is already in the app and is something that works only on the client side, thus not putting any extra load on the servers. Quite the contrary, actually, as it allows some apps to not use the VPN, thus use less bandwidth.
The automatic-selection-only allows for better load balancing, so that makes sense.

Now to the workaround.
They still allow manual OpenVPN and Wireguard setup even for free accounts, at least for now.
To do so, login to ProtonVPN and go to account. There's OpenVPN credentials which are used for OpenVPN authentication. Then go to downloads, select appropriate options including the specific server and download the ovpn config file.
Client: OpenVPN for Android
This app also supports split tunneling (edit config -> Allowed apps).

ProtonVPN has an article on how to set up this app, but it's really just importing the config and adding your OpenVPN ProtonVPN credentials which you grabbed before.

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There's a computer connected to the WiFi router as a client. This computer has access to internet and shares that connection over HTTP proxy. This also provides ad-blocking.
Clients connected to the WiFi router shouldn't have to configure HTTP proxy server settings, nor should they have access to the computer running the proxy server. This is done via unbridged guest VAP with "client isolation" and "net isolation".

The idea is the same as OpenVPN client setting, or rather like Matsuri proxy toolchain on Android.

The only answers I found talked about redirecting port 80 traffic to HTTP proxy via iptables, but that's not what I want. It would also only work for web traffic I believe, since it's just redirecting it to proxy, and not issuing CONNECT requests.

Specific use case

So... my phone has mobile data. It is also connected to VPN and uses NextDNS for (not only) ad-blocking. In Termux, I setup tinyproxy and also null-routed access to private IP ranges and CG-NAT:

#Here I am attempting to null route local IP address ranges by pointing upstream proxy option to as described in tinyproxy.conf man page.
#IPv4 localhost
Upstream http ""
#IPv4 private adresses
Upstream http ""
Upstream http ""
Upstream http ""
#IPv4 CG-NAT (I am not sure this helps anything, but it doesn't hurt either)
Upstream http ""
#IPv4 link-local
Upstream http ""
#IPv6 localhost
Upstream http "::1"
#IPv6 Unique Local Addresses
Upstream http "fc00::/8"
#IPv6 private addresses (excl. ULA)
Upstream http "fd00::/8"
#IPv6 link-local addresses
Upstream http "fe80::/10"

This is fine if the phone is accessible to other hosts and setting up proxy on each host isn't a problem. For example, it's useful on a school network.
But that's not the case here.


Forcing all users to use VPN, be subject to my blocking, and provide larger range than phone's hotspot.
Fun fact: The first thing can be achieved via hotspot on devices running PixelExperience custom ROM.

Not so possible solution

Running OpenVPN server on the phone. DD-WRT already has OpenVPN client. Unfortunately, this would require root, it seems.

Partial solution

The partial solution is connecting the router to VPN somewhat directly and also setting it to use NextDNS.

I was trying to write a guide here, but it was getting unnecessarily long.
So just TL;DR:
Setting up the router to use OpenVPN but replacing IP and port with phone's desired options, setting up the router to use only NextDNS, connecting phone to both WiFi and mobile data, forcing it to use mobile data for internet, doing port forwarding to the actual OpenVPN server using socat in Termux.

This has flaws though. I either have to setup split-tunelling for Termux, or end up with VPN-over-VPN if I also want VPN on the phone. Secondly, whatever VPN you're using may only allow limited number of clients per user.

Other use cases

Simple internet access in network where only internet access is via HTTP proxy (e.g.: campus network), connection via Tor using its HTTP proxy.

If you have any ideas, thanks. If not, still thanks as you read at least a part of this.

I am sorry. (i.imgur.com)
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