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I thought I was missing part of the joke, had to come to the comments to make sure.

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Set all mails addressed to your domain but to the wrong email to be sent to your primary email. Then sign the petition with "<service_you_are_signing_up_fo>".

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Not sure if it is the same article but a search gave multiple hits with articles using the same picture, so I guess at least those are the same? Man is still I prison.

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Thanks for the nice reading.

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Stuttering and freezing on single player since 2.19 update on pS5

Happened three times in less than an hour gameplay, before 2.19 I’ve never encountered this? I’m new to GoT and on Act III. Anyone else who’s playing SP notice this or is it just me?

First Post

Quick Fix: play the game in offline mode (turn off WiFi in settings). Stopped the stutters entirely. It’s doing that because it keeps trying to connect to the online servers

Responses confirms that this work.

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My updates did the opposite:

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Just look at all the people getting frustrated at being told “you should probably do it a different way.” They really don’t understand that just because they’re asking the question, it’s not all about them.

I don't agree. I remember having a problem (something with PDF and JS if I remember correctly) and I had some restrictions (no I could not do anything about those restrictions). Someone on SO had asked my question with somewhat the same restrictions, which boiled downed to no being able to utilize the most common solution. The first answer on SO was to use the solution that specifically could not be used.

I can see your point and I actually somewhat agree but when the answers are "do X" to the question "how do I do this when I cannot do X?", the audience should be the minority going there because they have a niece problem, not the majority that are lead there by search engines. And all the "do X" answers should be removed, or moved somewhere they are relevant.

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Thanks, visiting this post 10 months later with no image, the post made no sense.

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Wait until they see a non-western centric map.

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Just comment or comment with post?

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I love nano for simple things, like writing commits. Anything more complex and I use Sublime Text.

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That seems crazy to me. I understand that what you are saying is reality, but is it really that difficult to get by in US without ever owning a credit card?

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Using uBlock Origin, you can add your own filter. This filter will block any post with the text "Elon Musk" (not case sensitive), modify as needed."/elon musk/i")) is the element to block
:has(args) returns elements where args evaluate to true
span is the element with the title text
:has-text(needle) returns the element if it has the next needle, supports regex with \needle\ and remove case sensitivity with i

Read more here:

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I just found out about AppImageLauncher, a package handler for AppImages. It organizes them, creates desktop files for you and handles updates and removal.

Integrate AppImages to your application launcher with one click, and manage, update and remove them from there. Double-click AppImages to open them, without having to make them executable first.

Much better than having to create all the desktop files myself, and having to figure out what to put in them for it to work correctly (I'm looking at you, qBittorrent and magnet links).

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