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I am happy when people online don't try to dehumanize each other

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Right, Corpomerica will corpomerica

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Stealing and robbery are different

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They call it free market

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7-day work week for 3/7 of the year

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Goverment is feedback system. As well as any other social institution.

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Is it Ponedelnik, Vtornik, Sreda, Chetverg, Pyatnitsa, Subbota or Voskresenye?

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Policies are result of politics. Politics creates policies.

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yesterday someone on here told me that conservatism is leftwing in a communist society. Lol.

To be fair conservatism in Russia of 1992 was communism.

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Engieneering has cybernetics, cybernetics does inform on how goverments work


So I think this is ridiculously ugly.

AIO is a horrible ad-hoc design, with the main excuse being “other, less gifted people, made that design, and we are implementing it for compatibility because database people — who seldom have any shred of taste — actually use it”.

— Linus Torvalds (on lwn.net)

First, as database people ourselves, we’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to Linus for our lack of taste. But also expand on why he is right. Linux AIO is indeed rigged with problems and limitations:


I recently watched videos of Bernie Sanders, who americans call left-wing, and maybe compared to other american politicians he is, but compared to russian opposition he is very like Boris Nemtsov and Alexey Navalny. First is literal founder of Union of Right Forces, second is considered to be center-right.

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30 April 1961 Leonid Rogozov does appendectomy on himself during his Antarctica expidition with help of driver and meteorologist.

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For context this is funded by Ministry of Healthcare anti-alcoholism ad.

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The thing that has always disturbed me about O_DIRECT is that the whole interface is just stupid, and was probably designed by a deranged monkey on some serious mind-controlling substances [*].

Let's add more quotes

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"I didn't have to be in this place, I didn't have to record this video. In my place should have been another person. But this person was killed by Putin."

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