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Didn't know of wtb either

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Where the F are serious mental health conditions? When your appearance seems intact from the outside, but inside your reality slowly yet steadily derodes, and there's no way to help it. Going insane. That's for me the last one. Prefer physical pain over losing touch with reality.

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And I for a split second thought to myself we were in nsfw territory here lol

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Happns also offline

I think you meant Happiness is found offline

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That's where you're wrong kiddo. Your .exe is more anonymous than this software linked there

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This is so cute 🙈 what is the story behind it?

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Especially if he follows through. That's everything but passive 😬

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and he ~~can~~ call sue

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Look up WebRTC


For example, I want to have one QR code that I can scan (or NFC tag) and then it turns of network access for specific apps on my phone where people could try to reach me

(I want to be in control of my mental and emotional access/peace)

  • It's got to be Free&OpenSourceSoftware tho

Thanks :)


Nach über 60'000 Zügen und 16 Stunden (und knapp 1375 Rücknahmen) endlich den bestmöglichen Highscore in 2048 erreicht. Hat sich gelohnt, war erfolgreich


I'm looking for a diskspace of possibly 1TB online

Edit: my idea is to use it like as an external harddisk for everyday stuff. Encrypt the disk, put my filesystem on it, mount it as external drive kinda. Never worry about backups or lost data etc, as the provider would take care of it


Hah! Take that, math!!


It takes courage to heal in general. To grow out of your toxic habits. To not bash yourself over for where you aren't finished developing into the version of yourself, that you want to be one day. It takes courage to not blame yourself, for your errors and mistakes and eery deeds, your wrongdoings -- whilst not anestethizing yourself with selfpitty at the same time either.

It takes courage to remove yourself from external opinions and take inventory of your mind and notice adopted opinions on/over yourself.

It takes courage to let go of others voices and hasty and often ignorant conclusions about you. And take space to do an honest self-evaluation.

It takes real courage to not just give in and to decide to grow out of the chaotic aftermath that your past toxic environments left in you.

But to look at the consequences your actions caused around you. It takes even more courage to still continue staying and make things the right way now. And it takes the greatest courage to not bind your sense of value and identity to your past flaws and errors, your past behavior, to see that you are much more than just that what once happened ❤️


For example;
cooking skills, time management, relationship with person xyz, sleeping patterns


Edit2: It's a subjective perception I'm talking about. Are you offended? Why?

What's the matter, why can't men deal with me being sensitive and emotional? Is it because they struggle with me reminding them of having, too, emotions?

Edit: Do men think I'm weak when I show emotions? If so, why?? Why do women see it as a sign of strength when men are vulnerable, but men don't seem to get it? Are they/are we dumb??


What's your positive examples of men, fathers, friends, work colleagues, brothers, etc where they were or are emotionally available?

I feel in todays' society, men are pressured to fit into this image of having to be emotionless. Thus most of us grow up in empty homes with emotionally absent fathers. That sucks and I don't want my kids to have to suffer such such

I won't reply probably but I'm interested in your answers. Thanks in advance!

PS;nsfwAlso, this is why I often would indulge in watching porn - because I crave emotional connection/availability. But I don't need to have my mind cluttered with these images and so, hence I want to practice being emotionally self-aware, present and safe


I couldn't learn this in teenagehood nor early adolescence so I have to learn it now. I don't want to go into details of my upbringing, but think about a kid living on the streets, growing up only knowing war and survival



With the native Manjaro installer I succeeded in making my disk encrypted. But it's below the btrfs layer (btrfs sits inside the encryption)

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