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I watched the entire 3 seasons (and the explosion spinoff) mostly because of this comment chain. Perverts!

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I'm sorry, it wasn't mean as a personal attack. If english is your 2nd language that explains a lot.

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Everything. You looking at him, him noticeing. Then he starts paying more attention to you, takes you on a ride home. You're not winning any writing awards with that post, but it seems quite clear to me.

Also you're 25 years younger .... there just is a very high statistical chance that he'd be interested unless you're like super disfigured. Men are stupid.

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On the day of my driving test he caught me looking at him twice, from across the place. He seemed surprised for a sec and then nodded to me both times.

You say he "caught" you looking. That implies you were already aware that you were responsible for it. Or at least you think you were. And you might be right.

But men can also be really stupid in this regard, so it might be conincident. I don't know, it's a very unique situation and I wasn't there.

As long as you are confident that what you told here is roughly what happened, then I'm certain that he's interested.

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From the way you told your story (which might be biased) it's very clear that he was showing interest.

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It's really not, because you're not describing a problem that you need help with. So I have no idea what "helping you" means in that case.

Was he literally "protecting" you so you "could avoid traffic and stuff"? Of course not. He very clearly aranged it so that you have some 1on1 time together. At least that's the obvious conclusion from how you tell the story.

So the real question is, what kind of crush do you have on him? Was it a secret crush and he accidently picked up on it and now it's weird? Or are you interested?

You don't expand on what happened afterwards, but it seems like he was just akward and dropped you off at home. So nothing inapproripate happend I assume (apart from the ethical concern of re-arranging test schedules for personal reason).

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There isn't much to go off here, but it seems like:

  • You have a crush on him.

  • You might have send him signals

  • He picked up on the signals

  • He said something a bit weird (but you give little context).

I'm not sure what you're actual question is.

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What do you mean why? YOU just explained it to me.

You said you would tell someone their beautiful, not because they actually are, but because you're regonize that they put in effort. That's insincere.

You said you should tell random people on the bus (most of them will be very average looking) that they are beautiful, because you want to make them feel better. It doesn't get much more insincere than that.

Also, there is no problem because guys randomly complimenting each other isn't a widespread thing in the real world. And in my book that's a good thing. There is already enough lying and disconnect from reality in the world.

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it’s about appreciating something someone has put effort into or the way they express themselves, imo {

So basically A for effort, that's exactly what I mean by it being insincere.

But probably not every man you see on the bus or at the grocery store does. So why not brighten their day a little?

Because that is just lying to people to make them feel better. It's patronizing and disrespectful.

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Well, if very much the exact opposite for me. I really don't understand why you would care about how other people look unless there is physical attraction. Telling someone that they look good without any physical attraction seems very insincere to me. Like, why do you care how I look like if you have no interest? It's just weird.

Now I do agree there are some exceptions for extreme cases. I can look at Ryan Gosling and it's hard to ignore that he is a very beautiful/handsome man. But I still wouldn't tell HIM that. First of all, he knows and second, for what purpose? I'm not really interested, he isn't interessted. It would be a weird thing to say.

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Salt is ok, but try a pinch of MSG.

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Wieviel Liter hat die Polizei nach der Unfallsicherung geklaut?

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I don't really want to, but it doesn't have any mods currently.

I have some expertise with spiders and would rather stick to doing just IDs, but since there is no mod maybe it's good to have a contingency plan in case some spam turns up ... or to delete the classic "it's a brown recluse" comment ... when it's any brown spider.

But I'm happy to concede to anyone else that actually wants to be a mod.

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I watched "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End" a few weeks ago which is probably my first proper anime (not counting the odd episode of Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon or OnePiece I caught on TV as a child) and I really enjoyed it.

Especially the slow but deep character build up and general world building and exploration themes were really captivating. So I'm looking for something similar with focus on these aspects.

So far I found "Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina", which was ok but didn't quite live up to Frieren and wasn't nearly as captivating.

So does anyone know similar shows or at least shows that focus on the aspects of story telling I mentioned avove?

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