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I mean, if you change it to "if Bob murdered a guy in cold blood (i.e. not defense, etc.) and no one was looking, did Bob break the law?" The answer to me wouldn't be anything but yes.

Just because the offense is different or you don't agree with it doesn't change that in my eyes. It generally doesn't change it in the eyes of the law, either. Always campaign against laws you think are bullshit. If enough people do, you might be able to do something about it.

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Er, what is this more specifically?

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Ah, yeah; that'd explain it. I am kinda glad I got to see all the different countries' notes and coins. It was a bit of a pain-in-the-ass, though, when a Swiss ATM decided my US ATM card looked delicious. Last leg of the trip was pretty rough without the ability to get cash.

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Torchlight 2 should scratch that itch. To me, Path of Exile is something the Diablo series could have been but wasn't exactly? Though I haven't played it in a number of years, so I may be mis-remembering exactly what it was like. I seem to think it was more like a point-and-click RPG with kinda Diablo-like combat.

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If it has EA as only the publisher, I might buy it later on sale. But if it's first-party within EA, nah. Take-Two is actually the same for me these days. I won't touch Blizzard-Activision anymore either (which is sad because I bought Warcraft and Starcraft when they came out originally and would play over modem with my buddies).

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No. I do have aphantasia, but that's the only thing that jumps out to me as weird (in this situation; I'm plenty weird in other ways).

Maybe because I don't "see" images or have a mind's eye in the same way other people describe it, things work a bit differently. I still do dream vividly and visually, at least so far as I can tell.

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It's a Friday in the year 2000. I'm far too poor to spend gas money to get to Blockbuster, let alone rent anything from it.

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I went to Europe in the summer of '99. I still had to get my bank to get me all of the currencies for those countries prior to going and don't recall having seen Euros at all at that point.

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A first-person, single-player AAA shooter could be exactly my cuppa. However, there'd be zero chance I'm buying a game from EA so there's that.

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This makes things like reading difficult or impossible. Unfortunately it also makes remembering to try reading just as hard.

I must be weird, but I can read in my dreams (and tell time, etc.)

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Here's logged in vs private tab: https://i.imgur.com/8SlEMmJ.png

Also, I can't create a photo post as it turns out. No visible errors, just nothing happens.

I noticed this more than a month ago. Please help!

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I ran a rather terrifying experiment this month. I, along with my wife, live in a fairly new (~eight-year-old) building. My LDK and office are on my second floor (first is ground floor to me) with some sliding doors to separate them (which are open unless I'm in a meeting). My LDK and office both have an aircon unit. I rarely use the one in my office. My LDK aircon has been on "dry" with the occasional stint on ~22 degrees when it's really hot for a bit. I use the one in my office only when I'm super hot and only for as little as possible.

We also have an aircon on our first (ground) floor in the bedroom. I start it at ~21 most nights and switch to "dry" after an hour. I was dreading our electric bill, but it just came today. From 6/18 to 7/17, we (2 people in 40-amp type A service) used 504 kWh and had a bill of just over 1万4千円.

I was honestly dreading the bill because some aircon units are really bad on a dry setting, but ours were good. I hope you all are staying cool enough in this weather. I thought I'd share in case the data point helps people.

EDIT: 2LDK + Loft, ~54m^2 plus whatever the loft is

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There was a waiting list here in Tokyo, but it wasn't too bad.

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Started sometime in the last couple of days. Using the kbin.social site in latest FireFox for Windows.

I also noticed in testing that kbinmeta/newest seems to be wonky if not broken.

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Straight-up genitals. This probably should not be allowed to happen even when a user isn't doing NSFW flagging properly and/or an instance is not enforcing it.

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