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I'm a metalhead and never really played Minecraft, so I heard the Windrose cover first

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This has Cowboy Bebop x Ghibli vibes

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GG Guns & Grenades

ONG Operation Nazi Guillotine

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They're in on collecting data, like every other company

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Was all the rage with impressionists

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Yeah, of course. That's basically what I meant: that some people buy SUVs on the assumption that they're intrinsically safer, which is not true.

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Teens acting like teens.

There are writings dating back to ancient Greece of people complaining about young people and how stupid/lazy/whatever they are compared to the previous generations.

Maybe we can drop that one already.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't SUVs not safe to being with? As in it was all marketing and warped perception?

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The next song is called... Shooting microplastics from my cock

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I came here to warn people of the dangers of putting "anime girls" and "breeding" in the same sentence, but I see I'm already too late.

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Rancors are the new elephants

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