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At this point, I feel like we need to turn that question back around on ourselves.

This is who they are. It's who they all are. Maybe all Republicans aren't Nazis, but they are all OK with Nazis.

We need to stop trying to shame conservatives into doing the right thing. We need to stop expecting morality, or patriotism, or rationality. Conservatives will say and do whatever they think they need to say or do to win.

How many examples does it take for people to notice?

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Lightning Process founder, Dr Phil Parker, who's not a medical doctor but has a PhD in psychology of health, told us his course was "not a mindset or positive thinking approach," but one that uses "the brain to influence physiological changes", backed by peer-reviewed evidence.

The coach on the course we attended said "thoughts about your symptoms, your worry about whether it's ever going to go - that's what keeps the neurology going."

So in other words, a charletain is selling a fake cure to a real disease.

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For the record, I believe her, andI don't believe the rapist who lied under oath.

But we can't prove he was lying about raping women. We can prove he was lying about he and his friends squirting beer up each others' asses. We know he and his friends squirted beer into their asses, because they documented a bunch of times they squirted beer up inside each other. That happened, and after swearing an oath to tell the truth in front of Congress and the American People, he lied about it. We know he lied. We can prove a current Supreme Court Justice lied under oath during his confirmation hearing.

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Never forget a sitting Supreme Court Justice committed perjury to avoid admitting he likes to squirt beer up his ass.

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Nothing in the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast regions?

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every center-right moderate republican will vote democrat.

Lol bullshit.

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Biden is betting he loses more supporters if he doesn't defend Israel. I hope beyond hope that he's right, but I'm not so sure.

The larger problem is that Biden doesn't seem capable of nuance. This is a complex situation, and it would be cool to have a leader who can acknowledge that Israel has the right to exist, and has also gone too far in it's war on the Palestinian people.

There are no heroes in this story. Nobody occupies the moral highground. Innocent blood is being spilled, and the people suffering have no agency in the conflict. It's just politics and victims of political violence.

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Don't you blaspheme in here!

I can hear that in Aretha Franklin's voice.

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Luxury fruit has always been a thing. Like, for as long as humans have had trade.

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You're joking, but that's actually the idea behind all of the chainmail and metal woven into the turban. It's basically a traditional military helmet.

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He's definitely Sikh, specifically Nihang, judging by the decorations on his Dumalla. Nihang Sikhs are traditionally warriors, and would wear turbans with chainmail woven inside to act as armor against slashing weapons. They also typically wear blue, and the steel bangles are also emblematic of Sikhs.

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Look, we're obviously not the best team. We have significant flaws, and Embiid cannot carry this team by himself.

But how can you not be hyped after watching Batum raining threes and Tobias on the bench? Embiid took his time getting it together, but he got it done when it mattered.

We can beat the Knicks. We can beat anybody if we play our best.

Maybe we don't. Maybe we lose again and everybody starts thinking about next year.

But we are still in this. The Philadelphia 76ers still have a chance to show the world what they can do as a team. So let's get hyped and enjoy the ride!

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I heard someone say this in a video recipe, followed by way more cheese than you should eat at once. It occurred to me that the phrase means ample, not nutritious.

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Basically title. I'm curious how others are watch the game. I cut cable a long time ago, and have Hulu live for this season, but it's just awful. Their app sucks, the unskippable ads are all over the place, and tonight it started recording at 4:30.

So what is everyone else using?

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Has this ever happened to you? There's a fly in the house, buzzing around you, so you go to the cabinet to get the swatter. But as soon as you start wielding it, the little bastard disappears. You set it down, and now he's back, taunting you.

Ok so obviously flies don't taunt, but do they have the capacity to recognize, even instinctually, that I'm holding a deadly weapon?

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Anybody else want to see all five on the court together and just have them make a giant wall around the paint? No? Alright, me neither then.

So what the fuck is Morey doing?

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