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[-] tburkhol 6 points 4 days ago

You definitely might use the same backpack or tote to go out to the range as to go on a weekend trip. Drive to a hunting holiday with friends, then use the same bags for a trip to Disney with the kids. If you're going somewhere, you use the bags you have.

[-] tburkhol 16 points 1 week ago

I'm a big fan of Backblaze's failure statistics.

Annualized failure rates go from 0.3%/year to 3+%/year, even just looking at the drives they have million+ hours for, and I'd rather be at the lower end of that 10x range.

[-] tburkhol 14 points 1 week ago

As someone with an inner voice, I can't even imagine how I'd think about abstract concepts without words. Like, how does "I love freedom" or "I wish all people could be free" happen without words? Maybe this is a learning disability of mine, and explains why interpretive dance doesn't make any sense to me.

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2023, McDonald's net income $8.5B on $25B revenue, or 34% net profit margin.
2009 net income $4.5B on $23B revenue. 20% profit margin.

Over the time period that you picked, their profits - the money that they don't pay to either workers or farmers - nearly doubled as revenues barely changed.

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Depends a bit on screen size and placement, too. I play on 27", 1440p, about 3 feet from my face, and my eyeballs are definitely the lowest resolution link in the chain. 32" screen on my desk, 60" screen in front of the couch, and 1080-1440 will start showing their pixels. I'm not anxious to upgrade my screen, because 1440p gives me great framerates with a cheaper video card. Also a 32" screen at a viewing distance of 3' is hard to actually see everything.

I'd much rather have a good game that runs fast at 1080p than have to get a $700 card for OK framerate and style-over-substance gameplay just to get 4k.

Agree that using VR to get immersive, wide-field graphics from fewer pixels is a great alternative.

[-] tburkhol 6 points 2 weeks ago

You can hire writers instead of visual artists.

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I got a PIN assigned by my bank back in the 1980s, and it is in that range. I always assumed it was random, because how easy is it to generate a 4-digit random number? But maybe they gave out PINs more like safe combinations. I don't think you could change them back then, either.

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Vigilante porn is too useful as propaganda. Americans, especially, love the imagery of a tough person who steps up and does "the right thing," where traditional tools of enforcement are weakened by corruption, incompetence, or policy. Doesn't matter if it's Dirty Harry, Batman, or some Christian Nationalist with a sharpened flagpole.

[-] tburkhol 7 points 3 weeks ago

Has he paid? He hasn't paid E Jean Carroll, and that was months ago. Hasn't even posted bond for his fraud verdict.

[-] tburkhol 14 points 3 weeks ago

Time to bring Sarah Palin out of retirement.

[-] tburkhol 7 points 3 weeks ago

The US Libertarian Party was founded in 1971. Not saying there's a causative link...

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HA doesn't require 4/4/32, that's just the hardware the HA people sell. (which, given that your phone may be 8/16/128, is hardly "robust"). Generally, the Home Assistant crowd kind of target an audience that's probably already running some kind of home server, NAS, or router, and HA can probably be installed on that device.

Theoretically, there's no reason the HA server couldn't be installed on your phone, except then your smart home functions would only work while your phone is in the house and not sleeping. Kind of defeats the point of a lot of it, unless you're just thinking of smart home like "remote control for everything." Regardless, much smaller niche for an already-small market, and apparently not a priority for the dev team.

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[update, solved] It was apparmor, which was lying about being inactive. Ubuntu's default profile denies bind write access to its config directory. Needed to add /etc/bind/dnskeys/** rw, reload apparmor, and it's all good.

Trying to switch my internal domain from auto-dnssec maintain to dnssec-policy default. Zone is signed but not secure and logs are full of

zone_rekey:dns_dnssec_keymgr failed: error occurred writing key to disk

key-directory is /etc/bind/dnskeys, owned bind:bind, and named runs as bind

I've set every directory I could think of to 777: /etc/bind, /etc/bind/dnskeys, /var/lib/bind, /var/cache/bind, /var/log/bind. I disabled apparmor, in case it was blocking.

A signed zone file appears, but I can't dig any DNSKEYs or RRSIGs. named-checkzone says there's nsec records in the signed file, so something is happening, but I'm guessing it all stops when keymgr fails to write the key.

I tried manually generating a key and sticking it in dnskeys, but this doesn't appear to be used.

[US] Brokerage with decent API? (self.personalfinance)
submitted 5 months ago by tburkhol to c/[email protected]

Looking for a brokerage with functional, individual API access to, at least, account positions, balances, and equity/fund/bond prices. Used to be happy with TDA, but they got bought by Scwab, whose API has been "pending" for six months.

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