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Okay but what about app compatibility?

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Our router doesn't support it (it's the V2 model)

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Unfortunately, it's not so easy or useful if you don't have a powerful machine to host it with

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I frankly wouldn't care at all had MS not truncate your home folder to 5 characters when using a Ms account and also didn't make using remote desktop impossible when enabling a passwordless account.

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I feel like another part of it too is just that Linux users also just have higher expectations in areas around privacy, security, and flexibility, and lower expectations of elements like UX and Minimum Viable Product, the latter especially being that they don't even view the software as a "product".

A lot of AI features are powered by data collection in some way. And given that most Linux users don't even like small amounts of telemetry being sent without their explicit permission, I couldn't imagine how libre AI models could be built, especially on a shoestring budget, to produce something that would be capable of producing acceptable results. All without avoiding the heat that current AI companies are facing with plagiarism accusations and copyright infringement.

I'm not really saying it can't happen, But it would require a larger organization like Mozilla, who's actively working on building open source AI that could then be later incorporated by someone else (similar to the soon to be dead Mozilla location services being integrated through daemons used by desktop environments). Or, by a much more random guess, by a corporation with a profit incentive to incorporate Linux like Valve and the Steam Deck with its inclusion of the plasma Desktop via an Arch fork. And in the long run, the FOSS community building a larger developer base that actually could, And one day upstream it all once it's in a good enough format.

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I imagine it might happen one day. But at present, I don't really think that most computers are at a point where they can utilize it without the use of proprietary cloud technologies that aren't considered to be ethical nor financially sustainable. And even if people's computers could fully handle things themselves, there would still need to be a group of developers with enough knowledge to actually implement it.

Consumer AI has always been pretty limited in most Linux desktops. Heck, I'm still waiting for a Desktop Environment to one day have a nice implementation of Speech-to-text like Windows and macOS.

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What a time to be alive

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I hate to ask, but what exactly is bubbles smoking?

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I would love to get those but as shorts

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That. Is the goofiest system I have ever seen

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I've personally moved to Bing from Google. Partly because it's annoyingly the only way to do web searches from the start menu, But also because it's much more flexible with AI compared to Google's new AI Overviews (The engines vice president actually tweeted about being able to disable Copilot in response to Google's new AI).

I personally like how Bing presents information better, but it still has quite a few problems. Especially around relevancy, and it's image search isn't the best if you're looking for anything that isn't a photograph.

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Google rolling out Android, Chrome, & Search changes to comply with Europe’s DMA

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I really can't stand their skewed priorities in contrast to the state of Firefox.

Spotify Wrappule (lemdro.id)
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I'm trying to move a bit to Firefox in advance for the upcoming changes to Chromium's Manifest v3 changes next june. But one of the major problems I have is that bing looks awful on Firefox for Android in comparison to bing on Microsoft Edge for Android. It seems to be just the mobile version for smart phones, stretched out to a tablet. Is there any way that I can make it look a bit nicer?

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I'm just sitting here frustrated because I'm wanting my family to move away from messaging me over SMS (they mainly use iOS), but they refuse to download any extra apps. But Google's RCS really doesn't look like a solution either since it mainly just seems to be a way of enforcing Android as an ecosystem, and they don't even make RCS available for 3rd party apps to use either.

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I have a pixel phone and a pixel tablet running Android 13, and I would like them to both synchronize do not disturb (basically, when one turns on, do not disturb, it activates on the other, and vice versa). Are there any apps that are capable of doing this?

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The bugdroid is now in 3D lol

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I found this, I'm wanting to get a pixel tablet in about a week or so. Title just got me wondering a bit, though it's probably just a little bit sensationalized

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