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What's with all the right wing politicians going full fascist all over the world ? Scary times for sure. Time to pull hard left politically as a planet and species. Between fascism and unchecked capitalism things are baaaad for everyone.

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I want a super cheap EV for 15k-20k to drive around the city, but I'm not ready to give up my gas jeep.

The cheapest EV I can seem to find is about 45k CAD new, looks stupid, and comes with a ton of features I don't want that will just break and need repair...

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Massive tarrifs as long as they continue their support should be a no brainer. The West just isn't ready for it.

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I use "second brain" system with obsidian for most notes. I use Microsoft to-do for quick to-do's, but want to find a non-Microsoft replacement.

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It's starting to look terrifyingly accurate....

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I think Republicans are finally waking up to the fact their party has been hijacked by MAGA and their own interests don't align with Trump's personal interests.

I still can't believe how willing they are to parrot Russian propaganda though given how things were a mere 20 years ago.

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Il run tesla for half that, and by simply doing nothing I will do a much better job than Musk.

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The stock will go through the roof if he goes....It'll drop at first as the fanboys bail, but then institution's will have faith again and invest and it will pop off when he stops kneecapping the company.

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Good, do more.

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I see no problem in our current strategy of letting senile old people run the world....

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Young people are always dissapointing for politics , from simply not turning out, to being confused and manipulated, to voting against their own interests.

Every young voter seems to do the same nonsense regardless of generation, they have been blinded by Propaganda again.

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How the hell am I living in the same reality as these people? Where do they get their info from?

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