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I tried FreeBSD for several months about 15-20 years ago. I really liked how clean the filesystem and environment felt, and have suggested it for many people over the years. In the end I couldn't get around their license vs GPL.

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I never even hinted that I was a Hillary supporter, and I agree 100% with all the shit you pointed out. I just think the fucking dipshits that actually voted for her need to be blamed at least as much. Too many bitch about corruption, nepitism, and general fuckery, then go and vote for "their" corrupt politian. It's fucking gross.

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Everyone in my family, from my elderly parents to my kid have switched to buckwheat over the past decade or so. Every single one of them loves it. That's just anecdotal, but for me it was completely worth it.


Nothing much to say other than I had to drive down PCH today and it would have been a better idea to drive around back bay. So many deplorable magats waving their stupid flags, driving in circles. I showed my support by yelling "We love proven rapists who are convicted felons!!" at them when stopped. It's just so embarrassing seeing these anti-democratic, anti-Constitution morons in my city/county/state/country.

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When the Supreme Court loses all legitimacy, like it has, things get shittier much, much quicker.

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Most people underestimate the link between having children and climate change.

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Pennies on the dollar.

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This is what most of the schools around my area installed a couple years ago:

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I heard Gerald Ford's son talk about being on Spring Break and a fellow breaker came up to him and whispered,"Man, I don't know what you did, but you have some Feds watching everything you do!!"

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All the Dems I know, which is just about every person I know, don't't have a problem with it.

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Way, way later than I should have. Or wish I had.


The only one I've found is this one, but it doesn't work. It only triggers if I open the keyword interface and save it after every page load. I don't know enough to fix it.


I have the feeling tomorrow won't end well for Garcia.

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Any advice for a regular smart 27 year old youngster, who has chronically underachieved and is motivated to turn their life around. They have a couple years of JC completed, and has no idea what path to take, or really what paths exist.

EDIT: OK, I see I gave slim pickins here. It's not me, it's my neighbor's kid. I've known his parents since before he was born. He's a super smart kid, but like a lot of smart kids, he got kind of jaded about...well, everything. I was visiting the other day and he asked me for advice, and my retired ass has nothing. Any relevant personal experience I may have, became dated years ago.

He's good at just about all subjects. His longest lifelong hobby has been video games. He took a few programming classes and liked it, but the thought of doing it full time as a career would quickly become torture.

He's kind of half-assed things and just realized he needs to get his shit straight. He was thinking something like finance, just numbers. Something solid that's just a career direction. He is going back to school, well most likely he is, but he needs an idea of what path to take. Most of his friends are unemployed/underemployed with computer degrees.


Nobody seems to be talking about the continuing genocide of Rohingya in Myanmar nor India's heartless and illegal current actions.

“Refoulement is against international human rights law, regardless of if you’ve signed the refugee convention" - John Quinley III, director of international rights group


I read Kim's Mars trilogy years ago and liked it. I decided to pick up The Ministry of the Future a couple days ago. It's very different, and without any spoilers, I have to say it's made me hate humanity even more than I already did. If you haven't read it, it's a near-future climate disaster book. Well written, interesting structure, and just pissing me off. I'm about halfway through it, so maybe it'll swing the other way in the second half.


Well this looks more awful than I could have imagined. Incredibly shitty casting.


Nothing we all didn't know.


My mom has a hole in the ground that she puts her clothes drying hanger in. Like this. The hole in the ground is a 2" or so pipe, set in concrete. The pipe has filled with gravel. Anyone have a tip on getting the rocks out? I can only get so many out using my fingers and then trying to use a set of chopsticks.


I put a little on Ngannou, but I think Fury will just toy with him before finishing Ngannou off. Heavyweights though, you never know.


Seems appropriate for some reason.

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