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And what about heating water?

A heat pump water heater is pretty great, if my basement ever gets too hot I run the dishwasher or take a shower and the water heater cools things down nicely. In winter I close the door and vent to the utility room and it doesn't hurt the heating very much. It's smaller than my previous gas water heater but it lasts significantly longer and heats up faster if you do end up using all the hot water. My house of 4 uses about 50kWh of hot water a month, which works out to about 5bucks a month. I've messed with it a bit so it runs mostly during off peak hours.

I replaced my water heater, got a heatpump and improved insulation at around the same time (through the greener homes loan program) and on the whole saved about 50bucks a month overall, and will save another 30 when I cap off the gas pipe and get to stop paying all the bullshit fees for just having it connected. I live in southern Ontario, away from the lakes, so -30 - 30 weather typically. (All this week has been 40+ though, wonder why...........).

Oh and fwiw, I would take my current induction stovetop over a gas stove anyway, much more consistent, easier to clean and heats up faster, and doesn't heat up the whole house to run.

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I mean not really. Greater jihad is a fully inner struggle to be a good person. Lesser jihad is about converting others, the lesser jihad of the pen/tongue is about debate and proselytizing, onky jihad of the sword is about violence and only those in active combat. For all Muslims the greater jihad is the most important part, and for 95% of Muslims the jihad of the pen is the only relavent part. In the Qur'an there are roughly 30 references to greater jihad, and 10 or so for the lesser jihad.

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Do you have the 8gb of ram version? The passing phones in this thread seem to be 12gb, while the failing phones seem 8gb. The bug might be using too much ram.

(I am a sw dev but not a boost or even android dev)

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Working on my galaxy fold5 same app version

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I think people seriously underestimate how much disney controls western values.

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Yep and when they pay for better they tend to ship the engineer to their base of operations. Huge brain drain.

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I recently got to buy myself a new oven, and I got one of those double compartment ones for exactly that reason, and it's awesome, especially for pizza.

Obviously I'm not suggesting you replace your oven just for that, but if anyone is in the market for one I highly recommend a double compartment oven

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Most countries have a private option in some capacity.

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I mostly wfh so not really a problem anynore. However, I had a trick from before covid. My companies av is trash, it scans any new files created with a single thread, there's a exception for the directory we compile in (although it's frequently failing and scanning anyway 🙄) but I keep a repo outside that directory for when I want make my compile take 6hours instead of 10minutes. I also have this as my screensaver

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copilot did a bit better for once

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