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I use rsync for virtually every mv/cp-like command that is not a single file from one local disk to a different location on the same local disk. It definitely has some advantages.

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I just got a NAS and downloaded all my GOG and Humble games into it. Didn't even occur to me that something like this existed. I'm going to have to give it a try soon, since it sounds like Linux through Wine is supported.

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Recently shot myself in the foot after buying a flagship sony, only to find they do not support bootloader unlock specifically on the US variant. It feels like a conspiracy, since it is practically the same hardware and software otherwise.

Still a great phone but I literally purchased it specifically because I thought it had all of these features and an unlockable bootloader

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Page not found? For the ccc link, video works though

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Honestly I still often look up alternate documentation, searching "how do I do x?" instead of reading the actual documentation. I think the official documentation tends to be very technical about everything you need to know about the modules, etc. But if you're trying to get one particular thing done in a hurry, finding something someone else has already done and copying it as much easier.

That said, I do believe the official documentation gets better with age/the more you come back to it.

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Sometimes all you need is a good heart.

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I haven't even watched the unveiling yet, much less read any white papers on it, but from what little I know it kind of sounds like Veilid is the perfect answer for this?


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Buddy at the local hackerspace was showing off his homemade Geiger counter attachment at last night's open house. I'll share this with him and see if he can elaborate

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I had just started pirating movies when I watched this; I stopped a few minutes in, ran to the store, and bought it. Zero regrets, that movie was great.