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Its quite easy to make rainwater harvesting tanks from so called ferrocement, which is basically chickenmesh plastered with a thin layer of cement/sand mixture.

As for the shingles: I guess you could settle out or filter any solids that get washed off the roof?

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I would like to discuss this with the other admins first. To be honest I am a bit sceptical as I don't think what you want to do can be really done as even if you think you are being unbiased in your banning criteria, it is basically impossible to do so. And as a result you will likely get an endless number of "polite" concern trolls that will test how far they can go.

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We are defederated from Lemmygrad and Hexbear so at least that part of the Lemmyverse wouldn't be able to participate if the community was hosted on SLRPNK.

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https://www.hotosm.org/ is also a great place to get started.

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Firefox 😎

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If we gave that impression it wasn't intentional. But of course feel free to join our own groups chats as well.

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I doubt many people would agree to that even on desktop PCs.

I think it would be better if there was a lightweight and easy to run headless relay that people could host themselves to help out struggling Peertube instances.

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No they switched to something else that is better but functionally similar.

I think people would really hate it if their browser would keep power-hungry and bandwidth heavy connections open for tabs they closed already.

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Its similar technically (and an earlier version of Peertube used something called Webtorrent), but the usage pattern is completely different.

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It's for sure an interesting project for small or single user instances, but I doubt it scales well, at least in its current state of development.

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Yes? It is a fully federated XMPP account/client. Why do you think there would be a limit on that?

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Well, it's not a webfinger ID, as XMPP is not web based, but XMPP IDs have the same form, so if you link the accounts in the background you end up with something that is functionally like that.

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GoToSocial is an ActivityPub social network server, written in Golang.

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Via linmob. Apparently the OS it uses is a fork of Droidan (meaning it uses Android kernels with Halium).

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