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it's good for 3-2-1 backup rule though. but you can also ask a relative or a friend to let you plug a NAS to their router.

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Yes definitely. However Rust manages to become extensible and capable of constructing powerful DSLs out of it's macros without using S-expressions. But I still find them prettier than Rust's syntax.

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mobbing-free Fridays!

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a decentralized file hosting/sharing protocol that powers library genesis, for example

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come and destroy the IPFS, then!

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not enough AI features! /s

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anything that builds upon integration with external data sources and APIs, so JDBC drivers for example

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Cool to see that after Cotowali was sadly abandoned due to lack of funding. Please, fund the FOSS projects you use!

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I agree but still you can oftentimes expect that the average person's initial reaction to be somehow reluctant... until they understand it. it's like those foods and drinks that you might need to try a couple times before you start enjoying them.

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Still shame they didn't pick it for desktop and we had to wait years for a quality alternative client like Flare.

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...from people who seem to refuse to install paredit or coloring plugins for either? ps lisp syntax ftw, it's a feature!

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Alternative links: YT Tubo Invidious Piped 0 Piped 1

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Would anyone here be perhaps interested in developing an alternative history mod for HOI4 where the Chinese revolution of 1925 resulted in early unification of China under communist rule, leaving it in much better position to defend itself against Japan? Might also make USA even more reluctant to join the war as Japan could be much more easily left in no position to wage the Pacific War.

Might even take a spin off the Soviet opposition paths, especially focuses like "The Committee in Exile" if China decides to split from the Soviets via it's focus tree and serve as a base for launching a coup in the USSR (think Polish or Lithuanian monarchist path mechanics).

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I currently use Svelte in my main personal project but while enjoying it's relatively concise, declarative syntax, I don't really like how it's not always easy or even possible to do stuff without relying on shared state and I think that's bad. So I started looking into Elm, but it seems to require a significant portion of boilerplate and somewhat more procedural code, which surprised me, considering how Haskell is often notably more concise than C. Is there anything that is somewhat like Elm, i.e. functional, but without being overly verbose?

Edit: I'd also prefer bundle sizes no larger or marginally larger than with Svelte and decent noscript support, at least on par with Vue or HTMX.

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