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Totally not gay

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It's in Tomorrowland, but it smells like 1979. Good to remember where we came from as long as we're actually going somewhere else.

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Hard limits are a good way to stem the tide, but 50/day is still ridiculous if you consider that could still be hundreds of bot articles to every human one answering your search. Should be lower.

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Normally placid around magnitude 10—it has a minimum of 10.2 and maximum of 9.9—it brightens to magnitude 2 in a period of hours, caused by a nuclear chain reaction and the subsequent explosion.

I'm not an astronomer, so maybe I'm wrong, but the headline seems overblown. Still a fun reason to get to know the constellation and find a dark sky view.

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Hey, Mickey -- Toni Basil

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Tree of hearts - Bryan White?

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“I’ve got to this point in my life now where I just don’t know quite how to handle it, or how to express it, or what to say – yet I’ve got to tell people what I see and what I hear. Actually, I don’t need to say anything – the messages are revealed through the soundscapes.”

This data of how things are now or were 50 years or more ago is so important to bring our love for nature into the future where it will be farther and farther from people's everyday lives and memories. People already don't know what they are missing, the changes even from my childhood.

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I don't have any advice, but I want to say I am very sorry you are going through this and have had this hanging over your life for so many years.

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I get it, but it seems frustrating to me. Another commenter suggested that a difficulty in non-game development is there is not really a right answer except the consensus answer. Unlike a game, it's not something you can just feel on your own.

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It's a "you'll know it when you see it" situation, rather than something you can track your progress towards.

I think you're right, this is a big difference.

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What this article suggests to me is that the big companies went wrong mainly in recruiting, probably by offering good salaries and work life balance to people used to impressing generic authority figures.

The idea that non-game software doesn't involve creativity or spit balling or iteration is ridiculous. But from what I've seen it does involve a lot more waiting for consensus and thinking too far down the road, which are political activities aimed at being right (as measured by vice presidents) rather than productive activities aimed at getting something done or making something cool (as measured by your own name in credits of a completed work offered to the public).

I'm not sure why big company engineers don't just start coding while their bosses are dithering about, but they don't, and my pop psych guess is that they've selected for people who want to know what's going to be on the exam. As long as the product is never really done and almost never seen or applauded outside the company, this kind of makes sense.

As some big game studios seem to be moving to legacy products and rolling delivery to more and more captive audience, I wonder if the differences in culture will shrink. Maybe we will always depend on cash-strapped studios of slightly desperate iconoclasts for the big leaps.

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I've always thought they were trying to escape the soggy mud. Too moist. Drowning. Lane is for bikes.

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My recent experience is no -- the first backup went just fine, but all subsequent attempts to add to it have failed, giving various errors in the logs, including mounting problems, timeout during the initial write test, bad database, etc. I did rename the drive between backups, maybe that was bad? The log shows Time Machine using the new name and finding the drive just fine.

Googling this I see that people have these same problems with external hard drives, though, so I'm wondering if anyone has been successful using a thumb drive and if there's any trick to it.

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Usually the option is there, but sometimes only block user is available.


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