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So humanity would just be god's LLM RAG?

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As a daily driver? No, but my c64 is just a few feet away when I need it.

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Do newer homes that have higher hurricane resistance get lower homeowners insurance premiums?

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All of those are software, but also safety issues. Tesla had one where the self driving would kill people.

Did you have to take time off and schedule a visit to your Chrysler to a dealership to have the Chrysler software recall or is it like Tesla software recall where its mostly automatic and you set it to happen in your garage when you're asleep?

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I suppose you also mourn the death of someone that kicks in a houses front door to rob/kill them even when the home owner kills the invader in self defense?

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That gameplay video looks much better than I imagine the Vic-20 could to for this game. It looks like there was a sacrifice in color palette, but it was well worth it for the fidelity to the original release.

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Unless you get your milk from very strange places, don't panic:

"Commercial milk remains safe and available because pasteurization, a high heat treatment, kills bacteria and viruses."


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The economic opportunity of having a thriving business is far greater than the potential losses this bill would cause to a business, which are … giving notice 6 months in advance, hosting a few community meetings, writing a report or something on possible replacements?

There is nothing in this proposed law that results in a thriving business at the end. Thriving businesses don't close. The only reason a store would be closing is if its not thriving.

You’d make more money staying in business than you would save by shutting down early to avoid the small costs incurred by this law.

If you're closing your store its already losing money. There's no money to be made in staying open. Staying open over time just means losing more money. Its a quick bit of math to find out where the amount money lost from operating for additional months at a loss compared to the cost of closing (because of this new law) means to "break even" on your losses, the better business decision is to close the store months early.

Example using small simple numbers for illustration:

Lets say your store is losing $100,000/month in operation. Lets say that the cost of complying with this law would cost $2 million. That $1m is an additional 6 months of operating at a $100,000/month loss, as well as an additional $1,400,000 in labor to set up community meetings on alternatives or helping the residents set up a coop.

  1. Your second best business decision would be to announce tomorrow that you're closing to start the clock on the mandatory 6 month operation.
  2. Your first best bet is to close before your competitor serving the same community does. That way, you cut your losses immediately and don't have to spend $1.4m complying with the law, because you won't be the last grocery store standing.
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Which is also why both iPhone and Android have panic modes.

When you are encountering police that would be seizing your phone in the near future, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST quickly shoving your hand in your pocket to try to lock your phone.

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There was already a case with this same fingerprint outcome a few years ago. Biometrics are not protected from seizure.

However, passcodes still are. Last time I checked you cannot be compelled to surrender your passcode locking your phone.

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When dealing with your stomach its better to treat it like a 5 year old.

"I'm hungry!"

"Okay lets get you some food"

"I want chocolate cake and ice cream!"

"you can have some ice cream, but only after you eat your vegetables"

"I don't want vegetables! Now I want Pizza!"

"When you eat nothing but cake, ice cream, and pizza you feel really bad. Here's a steak, some rice, and steamed broccoli"

"FINE!....but I still want the ice cream afterward"

"You cleared the plate! Would you like some ice cream now?"

"No, I don't want ice cream now. I want to take a nap"

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So wholesome!

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Tom Smothers, half of the Smothers Brothers and the co-host of one of the most socially conscious and groundbreaking television shows in the history of the medium, has died at 86.

The National Comedy Center, on behalf of his family, said in a statement Wednesday that Smothers died Tuesday at home in Santa Rosa, California, following a cancer battle.

“I’m just devastated,” his brother and the duo’s other half, Dick Smothers, told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday. “Every breath I’ve taken, my brother’s been around.”

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