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Listen, Jim - how much do you realistically own in unrealized gains? It doesn't even matter to be honest - since you're shit posting on the Internet, I wouldn't put your net worth much higher than $10-20 million - and that's me being an absolute philanthropist, in terms of how much "benefit of the doubt" I'm willing to afford an Internet shit poster.

Even if you were somehow blessed to have more than that - you still wouldn't qualify as one who needs to pay this kind of wealth tax.

Where'd you get the idea that it would "tax all unrealized gains"?

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...constantly discovering things that I can't find...

Maybe I'm having a stroke...but...


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Trump said he'd make the courts partisan and he did exactly that. Now we have some of the most extreme right wing federal courts, and an extremist christofascist supreme court.

Alabama declared that IVF embryos are children. A federal court is arguing that FDA overstepped in approval of mifeprostone, an abortifacient and uterotonic medication that is considered essential to first world medical care. Roe v. Wade overturned. Gay marriage on the docket. Interracial marriage in their sights.

Do you really want to have Gilead at home?

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What the fuck mate.

Trump literally just said "time to finish the problem" regarding the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

I know it's a shit choice, but it's the choice between the status quo of global imperialism, or global imperialism AND domestic fascism.

I don't want either of these things, but I really don't want to get executed at home.

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To be fair to people with legitimate celiac disease - many factories process multiple products and don't have to disinfect and sterilize their equipment between products. They may run wheat one day and rice the next. If they don't treat the equipment with a disinfectant certified to eliminate proteins, the rice may pick up gluten from the equipment.

If they state they are gluten free, it (should) mean that they are taking necessary steps to isolate or clean their lines.

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Socialism is NOT whatever the hell this "sovereign citizen" stuff is.

Socialism is instead a democratization of the benefits of our collective labor.

Rather than permit the kings and nobles, billionaires, athletes, movie stars, politicians, and pop idols to take the lion's share - we use it to invest in our society, our collective well being.

You work? I do too. And so do the clerks at the gas stations and grocery stores - the brick layers and the office workers - we're all just working a job for a living.

For the ones that can't or don't want to work - Setting aside the murky definition of "work" - I'd rather they be fed, clothes, housed and warm, because it means safer lives for everyone.

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Shut the duck up you nazi

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Not with an arrest record at age 11. Medical school applications, state medical licenses, controlled substance prescription licenses, hospital credentialing applications, etc - all of the underlying bureaucracy of being a clinician (understandably) require background checks with clean records.

Unless his lawyer can get the record sealed and expunged, he'll most likely have to explain this event at every turn. One would hope that juvenile records could be explained away, but the field is so competitive that it could very well be the thing that keeps him from pursuing his dream.

All because a shitbag principal didn't want to deal with the requests of an 11 year old grieving his father and opportunistically punished him for it on the alleged word of another dumbass child's idea of a practical joke.

Even if he actually said it - he's an 11 year old, with a prefrontal cortex that is just starting to come online, on the hormonal cusp of puberty, trying to deal with the complex social dynamics of being 11 and changing schools, getting bullied about his haircut and clothes by a shitty adult abusing their authority.

I cant help but wonder how the situation would be if he was white.

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How is this defendable in any way?

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Hey, look, it's the guy who won the Nobel prize from the article. Did you only use Facebook for your research, or lemmy too?

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From 'tater Dick to Dictator - Donald Trump's Tumultuous Struggle to Get It Up

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Keeping the same personality and opinions despite new experiences and perspectives is a giant red flag.

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