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Here's a few off the top of my head. Not super obscure, they all managed to release at least a couple albums but I don't see these guys get mentioned much these days. Holy Terror, Viking, Razor, Powermad, Whiplash

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65% hydration, 4.5 hour bulk with 4 folds at 45 min intervals. Shaped and then 15 hours overnight in the fridge before baking, and ready for lunch!

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No place for disgrace is amazing, one of my favorite 80s thrash albums

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Agent Steel are great. If you can get past the vocals, the music is fantastic

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Soon to be followed by Russian women mysteriously falling from windows

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"Comedian" Rob Schneider

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That's cool, never seen one of those. What part of the country are you in?

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We must protect the haddock at all costs!

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Not knowing the history (and the article doesn't delve into it), how did Hamilton fuck up their finances so bad that these are now their only options?

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This seems like a terrible idea

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In New Zealand, we call them Pukeko. Cool birds, and their babies are super cute fluff balls with giant feet

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Ring a ding ding baby

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