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well its all dependent on negotiating power of the union to cost the company profits if they strike and the trust in union that the company will not violate any contract they sign. The whole thing is dependent on the ability of the union to effectively strike and it doesnt always work and companies are willing to take a loss sometimes

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lack of mass production probably and cuthroat capitalism. the expensive bikes cater to a niche of bike riders who the business knows can afford to buy them. a lot of these bikes have specialized parts made in specialized countries by craftspeople which up the price of production and in addition they offer some kind of free maintenance you are also buying. the real question is why are cars and other bike so cheap, and thats because of mass production factories and cheap manufacturing methods and economies of scale

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sounds like a publicity stunt gone wrong

Why do people road rage? (self.nostupidquestions)
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Is it an isolated event or does it have any correlation with anything else?

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