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Squid made an observation about the differences of the beaches in America and France. You called him a prude (which is fine) but then brought up abortions. It's a trend I have been seeing on this site lately (last time the topic was "if cars are too loud these days"):

I think you are wrong about [insert random topic]. Why are you so anti-choice?

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South Park reference. Probably the funniest episode in the whole show outside of "Hare Club for Men".

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Edit: Beat to the punchline.

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I remember someone on reddit had a very, very long list of Republicans doing something sexual with minors or towards minors (like driving to a school and jacking off). So, can we expect some friendly fire here?

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Yeah, its 6 years old. I'm not recommending people to try PostMarketOS. It's just on my to do list.

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This is proof that for the ruling class life really is just a game... of Monopoly ™️ .

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I'm trying to make sense of this comment. All I can gather is wherever you are from only bisexual men are allowed to have abortions... Sorry @[email protected] , no abortions for you until you want to see an old man's dingle berries.

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I have the 6. I set my phone to prefer LTE to gain HOURS of battery life and to get a more stable connection. I always have an issue where the phone may take a minute after pressing call to actually initiate a phone call.

My next phone is probably going to be OnePlus. Either the 6T on PostMarketOS if it actually works or just the latest cheaper model (but I'll wait till the 13, the 6 is only like 2.5 years old).

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I would not recommend a Pixel 6 or anything newer. Samsung can't seem to get 5g working on their own modems (chip that connects to carrier). Samsung generally uses Qualcomm modems for their expensive products. I do hear less people complain with the Pixel 8 but no one should be complaining about a modem in a phone.

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Finally, a meme I can put to good use. Thank you.

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(via DailyMail)

Only if you have a sailor costume... I think.

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The U.N. humanitarian affairs office has recorded 650 attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since Oct. 7, harming residents and property. It says settlers have killed at least nine Palestinians in the territory and Israeli security forces have killed more than 400 Palestinians in that time.

Non toxic hedges (self.gardening)
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I'm trying to replace two dead bushes. There was one single bush (My guess is either a boxwood or juniper bush) on each side of the porch stair case. I was hoping to find something non toxic for kids, dogs, and especially cats. Most likely the cat will frequent these bushes. Everything seems to be at least somewhat poisonous from what I read on the internet.

I would appreciate suggestions. I would prefer something that grows around 4ft tall and thrives in the USDA zone 6.

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