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Cool, however this is a community for tabletop roleplaying games.

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That's the Pathfinder death system, if I recall correctly.

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your entire profile is nitpicking people's grammar

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Right in the book, there's a starter solo adventure called "All In A Night's Work". For a whole table, I would recommend converting free oneshot 4e adventures like the other commenter.

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Plot twist: The orc is saying the first one.

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i dont care ❤️

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This was Second Edition from the 80's.

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Not all RPG rulebooks have one of their first play examples be a guy dying from falling off his camel


This meme uses the "Anime Girl Hiding From Terminator" template, in mexico filter, where the text 'I, who can't even write 100 spells for my TTRPG' is layered over the anime girl, and 'Rolemaster casually having 2000 spells in 162 spell lists and 15 magic classes' in the Terminator, which is referring to the quantity of spells in the Rolemaster RPG's Spell Law book, one of the fundamental books alongside Character Law & Campaign Law, and Arms Law & Claw Law. And yes, before you say it, I know they're called professions, not classes.

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alright if you want a curse placed on your entire bloodline so badly

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if only i had seen this a day earlier...

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she found a tome of eldritch lore

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Opens fine in Connect

Math rule (ttrpg.network)


[written in Nabla Regular font] To all who say maths is hard...

[written in OpenDyslexic font] 9+10=21





rulehinged (ttrpg.network)

By 'logographic languages', i mean ones where words are represented through unique symbols, such as Chinese.






For me at least, it's TL7. I just love that Space Race vibe.

vampir(ul)e (ttrpg.network)

![[The screenshot appears to be from Tumblr.] jame7t: "Hot tip: don't fuck your breakfast". User felinaetrash sends the comment "anti vampire language". jame7t then responds with "listening and learning + posting my apology video to patreon ($25+ tier)"] (https://ttrpg.network/pictrs/image/7d62899f-7c68-4f8d-b3b6-744ce8a12975.jpeg)

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