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Gyrados, as well all know, is actually a Water/Flying type. This was done because Dragon was not a type in the game when Gyrados was introduced.

Should this be fixed on have his type changed to what he was based on? A Chinese Water Dragon?

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The cops don't exist to protect people.

They exist to protect businesses.

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It's bigger than "China and their censorship."

The problem, as always, is maximizing profit. As long as people put profit before everything else, whoever has the most money is going to control what happens.

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For smart people, piracy is a financial problem.

Why pay more for things you can get for free? It's not like the businesses you're supporting wouldn't rob you blind if they thought they could get away with it.

Even the 'creators' don't get the vast majority of the money you spend; their landlords do. When they make more money, rent goes up.

I wish this generation wasn't full of useful idiots with more money than sense.

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I just finished it for the 2nd time, and gotta admit I like it now even better than before.

It was my first (and only) Silent Hill game I've played. Seeing it get 6/10s on Wikipedia is kind of sad. It feels like they put a lot of effort into this game.

I've seen a lot of comparisons to the Silent Hill movie, which I also haven't seen. So yeah, I'm not that big of a Silent Hill fan, but if someone asked me "do I like Silent Hill" then I'd easily respond with "Yeah, I loved Homecoming."

Is it that people think it's a bad Silent Hill game? Do they think it's a bad game in general?

And my biggest question, do you think the game is better in retrospect?

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I think it's so fucking stupid how it it always defaults to "similar questions" instead of just showing us the actual answers.

Just another example of throwing as much shit at an audience to drive up "engagement."

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I'm noticing a lot of issues with bluetooth popping up, and they only seem to be getting worse.

First it was my PS3 controller. Randomly stopped working with bluetooth after an update.

Then I noticed bluetooth sometimes just... crashes and doesn't recover. There's probably some weird/sketchy command I can use to reset it, but I've just resorted to rebooting whenever it happened.

Now my bluetooth speaker just straight up fails to connect. I was using it, the connection 'failed', and now it won't connect. Lol.

Meanwhile on my phone it works just fine.

Is anyone else having issues? Does it feels like the quality of bluetooth support has diminished in recent months?

To me, this feels like some new contributors are doing things they shouldn't be doing or some other cultural shift among them.

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If I was her parent, those families would be sleeping with one eye open.

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Eh, civil disobedience is making a comeback.

These fucks are going to learn real quick how the social contract is a two-way agreement.

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I think these last few years of geriatric rule is just going to be a lesson of what not to do for when we take control.

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Yeah, businesses really need to understand that their 'procedures' don't trump passengers' pragmatism.

4 fucking hours? I'm surprised more people didn't join him. That's an honest load of bullshit.

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Copyright and patent laws need to die.

Only idiots think that work wouldn't get done without them.

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That's the problem with doing everything yourself.

You also have to maintain everything, yourself.

Fuck snaps 🖕

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Instead of "forced to reveal fate in sick video"

It should say what that fate is and, of course, provide an embedded video.

Edit after clicking article: No video, just some guy talking over images.

Downvoted for sensationalism.

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