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When's the eat the rich dinner party?

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Does it even matter when the S.C. is gloating about how corrupt they are?

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Chronotrigger, link to the past, & super mario world

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I switched to fedora on memorial day weekend, installed it along side windows. I would definitely say Linux is now ready for mainstream use based on my experience with an atomic desktop. I haven't had a reason to boot back into windows yet.

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I didn't notice, but that's because I noticed the trend in thier posts awhile ago & decided to block them.

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I dont believe the APs will be reprinted under ORC

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Yes, of course they would deny the abortion after the fetus SLAMMED the state's laws.

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I currently believe the court is illegitimate. I wonder how many others already hold the same belief.

I also thnk the court can be saved, but something would need to be done about the blatanct corruption, such as the removal of certain judges

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Sounds good, let's do it.

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"We are all donestic terrorists". The GOP had never been more honest, and probably never will be again.

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I don't think they should get off the hook so easily. By choosing not to vote, they made thier choice.

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