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AI is going through an "there's an app for that" phase. 2-5 years from now we'll see where AI actually makes most sense.

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Unless you're Nintendo of course.

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Xbox has tried very hard to convince you to play their games on anything but the Xbox. Cloud? Sure. PC? Sure. PS5? Sure. Switch? Most definitely.

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I think they might increase price of GamePass core and put 25 more games in it, especially old CoDs, remove normal GamePass, and increase the price of GamePass Ultimate and put CoD day one only on it.

Middle tier doesn't make much sense anyway as it neither has online play nor has EA Play, which normal PC GamePass has btw, at an even cheaper rate.

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CPU vs GPU tasks I suppose.

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I think they set the target of 21M but sold 20.8M. Almost achieved would be more fitting.

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Are you sure both weren't running at 60 for you?

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Weren't they gaslighting Xbox players that the modes are working fine?

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Holier than thou attitude from new vegans whose world view changed overnight and cognitive dissonance on the part of non vegan with the need to deflect than to make substantial changes.

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Wait till you see gravitational lensing!

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SteamOS can't become a better alternative any sooner.

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It isn't your run of the mill article asking you to enable Hermes or add/remove certain dependencies. Rather it goes deep into measuring various parts of app startup, figuring out potential improvements, measuring those again on real world data, and further improving perceived performance by using simple techniques.

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