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[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 23 points 15 hours ago

Not to mention the stupid fucking dots that each have no consistent value

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 33 points 17 hours ago

It's to make any millenials that read it think that their own 60 minute lunch break is too long

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 12 points 18 hours ago

Yep, that's a whoosh my friend

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 3 points 1 day ago
[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 3 points 5 days ago

Been there 😥

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 65 points 5 days ago* (last edited 5 days ago)

I'm amazed that they draw the Earth as a globe

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 17 points 5 days ago

Sounds like the last seasons of Person of Interest, and I am here for it

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 5 points 5 days ago

Always has been 🔫🧑‍🚀

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 8 points 1 week ago

Man, I really wish that all went somewhere.

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 10 points 1 week ago

This is racist against gamers

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 6 points 1 week ago

Please don't be boring....

[-] lemmy_get_my_coat 8 points 2 weeks ago

I also run Arch btw

submitted 1 month ago by lemmy_get_my_coat to c/[email protected]

Is there a way to get a syncing, browser-like keyword search within Firefox on Android? i.e. you type the keyword and then continue typing to search using that custom search, not using the dropdown. The keyword search syncs across desktop browsers which is really handy, but then on mobile it just seems to be the non-syncing list of default and manually added search engines.

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It made Joe lean, Joe lean, Joe lean, Joe leeeeean.

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