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My set up OTP app + YubiKey

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Exactly. I’m waiting for the ICJ ruling that will hold Israel and its allies accountable for genocide. Israel was never about Jews. It’s funny Jews standing for Palestine get called antisemitic pathetic!

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Israel aimed to spark a regional conflict to avoid facing genocide allegations. However, Iran didn't buy into their PR tactics.

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I'm using a plugin called FolderView


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I know Firefox has a Split View feature; however, it’s not as convenient as Vivaldi or the Arc browser. I love how The browser company implemented the Split View screen. Firefox Split View is pretty limited, and I’m unsure if it has improved since its release.

What does the community think about that?

Here is an example of Arc browser split view:


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What would be the best for pixel 8 running grapheneOS? (I’m unsure if the pixel watch can run third-party firmware).

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A friend who plays pubg mobile as a professional gamer asked me to find him earphones for gaming, but without Bass yes, you read it right without bass I can’t seem to find anything that fits his requirements.

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Camera shy (lemmy.ml)
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This website has everything you can think of.


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  • Parallel Desktop
  • Arc Browser
  • X
  • Discord
  • Copilot
  • Vivaldi Browser
  • Unread RSS Reader
Chilling (lemmy.ml)
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Cheers for recommendations.

I use:

  • proton VPN
  • Portmaster
  • Wintoys = Windows debloater (I also have another tool that has almost all debloaters for Windows)
  • Xnviewer = image viewer (will be checking out the one you’ve suggested)
  • CopyQ (Clipboard manager)
  • Start11 (Not open source but a good tool for taskbar customisation)
  • QuickLook (selecting a file or folder then pressing the space bar, you can view a document, video, folder, or song without having to open it)
  • HotKeyP - App launcher (I turn off all start-up apps and use this tool to launch all the desired apps with a single hotkey)
  • Flow Launcher - I can’t use Windows without Flow Launcher; it’s my universal search engine for everything.
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When they killed off third-party app support, and Apollo developer exposed Reddit CEO.

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Shy boi (lemmy.ml)
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