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I have started seeing anti adblockers banners since last year or two way before YouTube started blocking adblockers.

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I am this close to go all linux, Microsoft. don't tempt me. only thing that make use windows is gaming and that too is slipping away because of steam

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he can still write though

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their data is worthless if they can't serve ads

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I am on pixel 6a and using third party vpn. there is no persistent notification. only key icon. I don't see the issue here.

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vegetarianism minus butter/ghee = veganism. there are tons of dishes in vegetarianism without milk products

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i really don't care about degoogling trusting some random ass company and their VPN.

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and that will end too. look how Disney is giving so many flops. Especially the Marvel division. comic book fatigue has already started

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[–] kvothelu 28 points 10 months ago (1 children)

they have created the culture of superiority. a posh product for our shallow acquaintances. it's a great filter test actually.

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give it some time and there will be crypto based instance. I think both technologies can coexist.

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never seen ads on photos !

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