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Not that YAML's structure is too complicated, but its syntax is too flexible. All the shit about being whitespace sensitive yet with whitespace errors leading to a syntactically valid YAML document. TOML's syntax is rigid which makes it unsuitable for expressing complex nested data structures, which is good because that's not what you should use TOML for. Ultimately the dependence on a highly flexible baseline language like YAML to create complex DSLs is a failure on the developers' part, and the entire configuration system should be reworked.

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The order of operations is not the same as the distributive law.

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Yaml Ain't Markup Language: am i a joke to you

(JSON for data, TOML for configuration)

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C# dev with reasonable experience with java, python, and rust:

Rust is harder

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What does this have to do with computers?

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Addition by the additive inverse.

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a/b is the unique solution x to a = bx, if a solution exists. This definition is used for integers, rationals, real and complex numbers.

Defining a/b as a * (1/b) makes sense if you're learning arithmetic, but logically it's more contrived as you then need to define 1/b as the unique solution x to bx = 1, if one exists, which is essentially the first definition.

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I find it a little disturbing that YAML seems to be going nowhere, and appreciating JSON all the more, but it's still interesting to read

It's designed as a "data serialization language" but its primary use case seems to be a base syntax for a trillion different DSLs

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That's quite the drawback. I'm not sure if I believe a large number of keywords would have a good effect on ergonomics

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78wpm 92% gboard

~200wpm on a physical desktop keyboard

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It is better to switch to Firefox. But chromium forks can generally do whatever they want, it's just a matter of maintenance burden. e.g. nothing is stopping a Chromium fork like Brave from running a manifest v2 compatible appstore, but it'll cost money to make, maintain, and operate, plus you have less discoverability as an app developer when using a smaller app store.

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