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So now on top of fake news we have fake speech, lol

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Do the crime, do the time. You'll never see a conservative admit to this when it applies to Cheeto Jesus

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In all seriousness though, it looks like there's a decent space between each seat half. I wonder how bad this would be for a mountain bike or what kind of maintenance would be needed to ensure fluid motion isn't interrupted.

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Hold on, they're not that outraged, let's not get crazy here. After all, every single one of them flip flops every single day. How else can they be okay with being followers of Christ that support a racist rapist felon?

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Narcissistic people don't say sorry because they can't accept personal responsibility for anything

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I still have one in my basement somewhere, I miss the palm os, it was really awesome at the time

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He'll make sure he never leaves and picks his successor. It will literally be game over

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It was really weird, they objected so much for like every piece of evidence entered, but when her testimony veered they were completely silent. I wonder if the judge saw it for what it was and called it out.

Here's an article on it

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He should also use his actions after the jury conviction against him as well. I would love him to land on the harsher side of sentencing.

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I saw somewhere he was going to try and focus his appeal on Stormy's testimony. I think Judge Merchan was really smart to object on the Defense's behalf and ask them why they weren't objecting and if they were planning on objecting to her testimony.

By doing that (choosing to not object), they kinda forfeited their ability to appeal on that part.

I really hope Judge Merchan goes hard on the sentencing due to trumps public actions afterwards.

I sure the hell wouldn't want to put my foot in my mouth like that while sentencing loomed over my head, but I'm also someone that has never been convicted of a crime, and don't have rabid supporters hanging on my every word and giving me millions of dollars in donations.

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I love this game

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