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Energy and water.

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I expected any operation involving origin/foobar to be an online operation and work against the latest server-side version of the branch.

I didn’t expect it to keep a local copy of the remote branch instead.

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Private equity strikes again:

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I think it’s kind of strange.

Between quantification and consciousness, we tend to dismiss consciousness because it can’t be quantified.

Why don’t we dismiss quantification because it can’t explain consciousness?

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Least toxic Linux thread

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It’s kind of funny. This lawsuit is the same kind of “criti-hype” that they’ve been pushing since day one.

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Setting aside whether soundalikes-hyped-as-the-real-deal is a violation of personal likeness rights…

How do we know what voice(s) they actually used? To my understanding, the process atomizes the input such that you can never actually prove what went into it.

Their whole business seems to be one of selling plausible-deniability engines.

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It’s like Gary’s Economics says in The Changing Shape of Great Britain: When the rich own all the wealth, ordinary people can’t work for each other, so they have to work for the rich to make goods that are sold to the rich.

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Wage growth, spending behavior, sentiment surveys…

It’s all a pretty half-hearted way to address the obvious:

We printed something like 7 trillion dollars, which is about 28k per adult.

If you and everyone you know are not 28k richer than you were before COVID, then someone has your money.

It’s probably someone rich. And you know what the rich do with more money? They don’t spend it on goods and services. They buy assets, to make them even more money — money that comes from you.

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It’s so wild that tycoons will be like “central planning doesn’t work, we gotta leave everything up to the market”, but then the market just looks like 5-10 mega-conglomerates centrally planning everything.

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President Strugg…

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My new favorite game is:

When the news says “high prices”, replace it with “low wages”; “inflation” with “paycuts”.

The whole economy starts to make a lot more sense.

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